Revolution in my make-up. Lashcode – mascara review

recommended mascara Lashcode

Hello Cuties!

Today I’ve got a review of a new mascara for you. I’ve been testing this product a few weeks now. I got tempted to buy Lashcode because I had been searching for something more luxurious since this feature always goes hand in hand with the high quality. Also, I was looking for really long-lasting and precise make-up. My first top shelf mascara was Diorshow Iconic Overcurl which really put me down 🙁 How did Lashcode mascara featuring the set of caring substances and silicone brush serve me?

Lashcode mascara does really amazing first impression! I fell in love with its matte and very good-looking tube. For me, it resembles similarly minimalistic Le Volume De Chanel mascara because it also has got a plain and black packaging with nicely incorporated logo. Without any unnecessary decorations because the most profound effect is delivered by this matte finish. And I guess this is the very feature that makes Lashcode more appealing for me than Chanel mascara.

Lashcode mascara

Anyway, what is the most essential here is located inside the packaging. Lashcode is the combination of a beautifying formula with a precise wand. The applicator is a silicone brush of just perfect, at least for me, size. It’s neither too small, so it coats eyelashes fast, nor too big, so it reaches even the corners of the eyes without any problems. The formula is velvet, it coats every eyelash smoothly, is clump-free. I guess, this effect is owned to the appropriate density of the mascara and the silicone wand that separates eyelashes neatly.

S T U N N E R !

Here comes the fun fact! Lashcode is a mascara enriched with caring substances thanks to which it nourishes and strengthens eyelashes all day long. The product poses a kind of protection for eyelashes therefore, we can consider the cosmetic as a 2in1 product. What does work for the benefit of eyelashes? First and foremost, Lashcode is Baicapil which is a blend of vegetable extracts accelerating eyelash growth – Soy Shoot Extract, What Shoot Extract and Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract. Thanks to these ingredients combined with Vitamin E, Arginine and Panthenol, Lashcode moisturizes, regenerates, strengthens and smooths eyelashes. It makes daily make-up a fast road to long, elastic, thick and strong eyelashes.

Lashcode - mascara enriched with caring substances

P r i c e. Is Lashcode expensive? I find it a very cost-attractive product since I know that it’s the quality I pay for. This cost is really low if we take into consideration 6-month expiration date, revolutionary effects and the caring features of the mascara. In my opinion, it’s way wiser to buy a product containing high class ingredients that provides maximal hold rather than spending money on regular mascaras.


Before I bought Lashcode, I used to apply two mascaras. One of them was gifting my eyelashes with colour and made them thick at the root line, the other mascara, or rather it brush, separated my hair. Indeed, my eye make-up was mundane and rarely did I manage to obtain natural effect. My eyelashes were short and thin; they needed professional support.

great mascara Lashcode

My eyelashes coated with Lashcode look perfect, finally! For me, it’s a real revolution that I can do precise and astonishing make-up in a flashlight. Lashcode is a mascara which proves me that a good brush and precise formula are enough to make eyelashes separated, thickened and extended with just one coat. I guess, Lashcode knows what women need and simply offer it to them. Is this mascara long-lasting? Although it isn’t a waterproof product, it holds on eyelashes the entire day, even when there is super-hot outside. Slowly I’m starting noticing that the mascara is improving condition of my eyelashes, which look better and better after make-up removal. Less of my eyelashes end up their life on cosmetic cotton pads and are shiny.


Give a try to Lashcode and brief me whether your make-up revolution also has ended up successfully! 😉

more information can be found on the official website –

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23 Comments “Revolution in my make-up. Lashcode – mascara review”

  1. PolaBeauty

    Lately the mascara has been No.1 in my personal TOP BEAUTY PRODUCT list 🙂

  2. DominicqeJacues

    Maybe the price goes hand in hand with quality but I’ve already experienced a few ‘luxurious product’ flops. Actually I’ve not used Dior but I used Lancome and it dissapointed me deeply. Even the chain shop’s mascaras were better. I’m going to give a try to Lashcode because positive opinions about this product are what I’ve been coming across lately.

    • AnnaMolly

      I was also disappointed by lancome. Honestly, go for Lashcode, I think you may like it. It defines eyes significantly,extends and makes lashes thick and even keeps them separated. It’s durable and easy to remove. I’m highly satisfied with the product, it was long since I had such a great product the last time.

  3. Sussiiee

    Beautiful deep and matte black colour.

  4. sweety27

    I’d tried out this mascara before I found your entry 🙂 For me it’s a real stunner! 10/10 🙂 really, there’s nothing to moan about. Ok, maybe the price is a drawback since not everybody is willing to spend that much on a mascara. The wand is probably the best and the most precisely coating one I’ve ever used. The perfect mascara! 🙂

  5. Big_Eve

    The applicator is great, it grabs even the shortest lashes growing in the corners of eyes. I wouldn’t ever think that I’ve got such long lashes 🙂 the mascara isn’t waterproof but somehow it stays true on lashes a few long hours.

    • LilGreta

      in general silicone brushes are the best

  6. oxygenee

    there’s nothing or nobody in the world who would convince me that silicone brushes are better. There’s something wrong either with me or the applicators because I simply can’t use them without irritating my eyes.

  7. 111Karo

    I’ve have to admit that this mascara is actually good but it’s nothing exceptional though

  8. Nicolette28

    It doesn’t crumble off, eyes are visibly enhanced after the second coating and the effect is natural. I recommend you this mascara. One of the best I ever had

  9. Blondie

    I can put my name under all the positive aspects of this mascara you enumerated. I want to add just one more, maybe not that important but Lashcode is easy to wipe it off. An hour-long makeup removal is the very last thing I feel like doing after having the entire day behind me. I used to have a mascara that added body to my lashes and I really liked the effect but removing it was a disaster!

  10. miss_sixteen

    i guess i experimented with almost all eye make-up removers and natural oil is what cleans my eyes perfectly. I use either almond or avocado oil

    • Hyllis92

      That’s true 🙂 Even the most waterproof make-up is easy and fast to be removed 🙂

  11. YloNAH1995

    Where can I buy it?

  12. Gabba Gabba

    I consider it as my latest personal revelation! I was looking for a mascara that would fulfil my all my expectations veeery long! With this applicator I can define my tiny lashes growing in the corners of the eyes and on the lower eyelids without any difficulties 🙂

  13. MassiveMouse

    This mascara adds body to my lashes, it curls them and separates. One of my favs.

  14. xyz

    This is a mascara I bought once my friend suggested me getting one myself. I’ve got straight eyelashes therefore I counted on making them curled and thicker. Perhaps this is the only mascara which curls lashes so lovely! I’m not sure whether it’s due to the brush or the ingredients. Eaither way, I’ve alredy forgotten how to use an eyelash curler. Long, thick and curled eyelashes 😉

  15. Gayah.99

    Faily ok mascara

  16. SylvieJanic

    I’m positively surprised with this mascara. I find it fast and easy to coat my lashes with it. The same applies to makeup removal. The mascara makes my lashes naturally longer and thicker. I never was a fan of silicone brushes, I used to prefer classic ones but this one that goes with Lashcode is really good. I’m sure I’ll buy this cosmetic again.

  17. IvoryPearl

    Probably I wouldn’t buy this mascara myself because of the price (it’s too high for me) but luckily I received it as a gift.

  18. Yoogin_master

    game changing brush and cute packaging. i love such minimalism

  19. Katy$

    I wish there were more colours because it’s really one of a kind mascara

    • Alexandra

      yes, I’d also like to have a blue one which will be as durable as Lashcode and enhance my lashes so beautifylly!!


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