Get Your Beauty Sleep! How I Care for Face Skin in the Evening

Girls, it is a child’s play for some of you yet a mysterious and unexplored topic for others. If you belong to the group of women who believe that wiping face with a cotton pad and going to sleep is enough for a perfect evening skin routine – you must read on 🙂

An evening face purifying ritual is much more important than the morning care. We are pressed for time in the morning so taking good care of the skin is hard. We usually stick to a micellar water and a lightweight cream that works as a makeup primer at the same time. Luckily, we are gifted with more time in the evening so there is no need to rush. You are going to ‘put your skin to sleep’ so apply a nutrient rich cream and enhance it with a serum or oil. Here is the perfect face skin care routine:

1. Makeup Removal

Our biggest beauty sin is going to sleep with full makeup. I know that sometimes it is hard to do after a party or when you feel wrecked… it happens but make sure it happens once in a blue moon. Leaving makeup overnight is destructive. The skin is covered with heavy substances for 24h without being able to breathe. If you have no micellar water or other removers on you, use makeup removing wipes. Another brilliant product for taking off makeup is an oil designed for this task.

2. Purifying

The skin needs a deep cleansing after removing makeup. You can wash it with a mild gel or foam. Match products to your skin type. Think if it is oily, dry, acne-prone, combination or maybe vascular.

3. Evening Exfoliation

Treat your skin to a bit of luxury at least once a week – exfoliate the epidermis. Evenings are perfect because you have more time, no need to rush. After doing the scrub, you apply a rich cream instead of layers of makeup.

4. Facial Toner

It is crucial because it tones the skin, controls its natural pH and acidity. In other words, the toner toughens your skin and normalizes its work. As a result, your skin receives a boost of moisture and does not age as quickly. A special, your-skin-type toner is a good choice.

5. Oil or Serum

Before applying a night cream, use an oil or a concentrated serum that will intensify the cream’s action. Your skin will get the maximum nourishment and regeneration. Both products will absorb throughout the night. The skin will be rested and radiant.

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