Japanese manicure – what is it and how to make it?

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Every woman likes it when her nails are beautiful. One of the types of manicure is Japanese manicure. Apparently, it is very popular, looks good and is also very durable. If you would like to do your nails using this method, first check what exactly it is and how to do it.

History of Japanese make-up

Well-groomed nails and beautiful hands have always been the hallmark of every woman. And how was it with the Japanese? They found that rubbing nutrients into the nails significantly improves their appearance, polishes and strengthens them. This idea became immediately popular in the world, and the effects of the treatment are amazing. Japanese manicure gives a natural result, which is of interest to many women.

What is Japanese manicure?

Japanese manicure is a simple way to improve the condition of your nails. It involves massaging a special paste into the nail plate and applying special powder. The powder contains various vitamins, minerals, keratin, bee pollen and silica. Thanks to this, the nail plate becomes stronger, shiny and invulnerable to damage. This treatment should be repeated several times every three weeks. During this time, you cannot apply any coloured nail polishes. In general, Japanese manicure is recommended for people with fragile, brittle and splitting nails. It is also for those who have to have beautiful nails, because their work or social status requires it.

What is the treatment like?

You will need a set consisting of:

  • paste to be rubbed into the nail plate with the use of a buffer, it contains nutrients (keratin, silica, beeswax, vitamins), smooths the surface of the plate and polishes the nails;
  • powder to be rubbed with a pink buffer, which protects the applied paste and nails from harmful external factors, the powder gives a healthy shine and lasts about two weeks;
  • green buffer made of deer skin used to rub in the paste;
  • pink deer buffer to rub the powder;
  • double-sided buffer to polish the top layer of each nail;
  • plastic spatula used for applying the paste and removing the cuticles.

How to use the set?

At the beginning, push back the cuticles, file the nails and polish the top layer of each nail. First apply the paste that is rubbed with a green buffer. Then apply the powder with a pink buffer. Contraindications to Japanese manicure are: fungal infections, bacterial infections, inflammations and allergic reactions, injuries, cancers, a recent removal of gel or acrylic nails.

Would you like to try Japanese manicure?

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