Pills, Tablets, Capsules. Are Dietary Supplements So Effective?

Hello, girls!

Have you ever wondered what’s better: healthy diet, supplements or beauty products? Which one will provide your skin and hair with full care? Let’s check the supplement effects to get the answer. Enjoy reading!

When to reach out for a tablet?

It’s really simple. Get dietary supplements when you suffer from a vitamin deficiency. Don’t fall for commercials offering a miraculous remedy for everlasting youthfulness, reducing beer belly without getting off the couch or enlarging breasts without a plastic surgery. Don’t be tricked into believing that you need all of the vitamins at once. You’ll know which vitamins you lack by looking at your diet, lifestyle and blood test’s results.

Nothing easier. You spend all days in closed rooms without the access to the sunlight. Conclusion? Your body lacks vitamin D which is very important to your health. Instead of fish, you eat red meat, grilled chuck steak or pork chops? This is the reason why you suffer from the fatty acid deficit. If you often get muscle contractions, you might lack the right dose of magnesium. Take vitamin B vitamins when you have chapped lips. Vitamin A deficiency appears through hair thinning, nail breaking and skin dryness.

Supplements don’t equal drugs 

Most people have problems understanding that. If you’re seriously ill, your skin needs dermatologist treatment, your hair falls out in handfuls – even the best supplement won’t help. Moreover, dietary supplements have nothing to do with over-the-counter medicine as they are not regulated by any pharmaceutical laws. If you want to take supplements, you should talk it through with your doctor after running proper tests.

Supplements won’t replace food

Never replace an apple with a tablet! Dietary supplements usually include synthetic vitamins that have poorer absorption properties than natural vitamins. On the other hand, food is rich in enzymes, fiber and organic acids that help digest and absorb vitamins. If you think that taking the entire alphabet of vitamins will make you healthy and beautiful, you’re wrong. Some vitamins, found in nature, can neutralize each other so they can’t deliver effects that manufacturers promise. To make things worse, supplements contain substances that can harm your body e.g. gelatin, starch, Arabic gum, coating ingredients. Believe it or not, you might overuse supplements, which has a bad impact on the liver and kidneys, causes poor appetite and skin imperfections.

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