Remedy for Thinning Eyebrows? Nanobrow Serum – Review, Effects, Opinions


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Those of you who carefully follow my blog must know that Mother Nature has gifted me with quite long full lashes but it seems like she ran out of time to work on the eyebrows… I was left with limp, quite thin brows and gaps it the brow line. I’m glad I don’t have to complain about their thickness: I always managed to fill them in daily using a pencil or an eyeshadow (I still can’t convince myself to try a pomade). The reason why I bring up the topic is that many of you feel like making some changes in the eyebrow area.

Some time ago, I came across lots of raving reviews of Nanobrow serum. It is recommended by bloggers I follow, girls on Instagram, vloggers, influencers, friends… I decided to go for it and try the effect on my own eyebrows.

Generally speaking, Nanobrow reviews sound really encouraging: effects in a month, completely-reconstructed brows in a few weeks, a color upgrade, fuller brow line, longer, thicker, healthier, stronger brows which don’t fall out, etc. I must admit that opinions and girls showing Nanobrow treatment before and after photos were impressive. I decided to test the serum. My treatment started off eight weeks ago and now I can boast about the most wanted brows.

Nanobrow serum – description, effects week by week

It’s an awesome product – it looks good and is nice to use, the application takes literally a second. This brow serum has a small sponge which has an ideal shape for the browridge. You can apply Nanobrow either to the entire brow line or to the spots where you want your brows to regrow. I used it for the whole browridge, mostly concentrating on the gaps.

I bet you’re curious of the effects week after week so here you go!

Nanobrow serum – first 3 weeks of treatment

Not much happened but I guess it is normal – neither creams nor e.g. supplements give instant effects. It’s the same with Nanobrow. During the first weeks, the serum works on the bulbs, nourishing, repairing and stimulating growth.

Nanobrow serum – 4th, 5th & 6th week of treatment

It was a real revolution for my eyebrows. It was a nice surprise to see darker, thicker and better moisturised brows. Best of all, new hairs started to grow out between the ‘old’ brows; at first they were tiny and hardly visible but got longer and thicker day by day 🙂

Nanobrow serum – 7th & 8th week of treatment

I’ve heard the effects were visible sonner in some cases (I guess it depends on the condition of your bulbs) but I had to wait nearly 3 months for a TOTAL brow repair. Thanks to my persistence and being systematic, I managed to achieve the result that went beyond my expectations and dreams.

Actually I could finish the treatment after getting the effect but let’s remember that eyebrows have their growth cycle and fall out. Therefore, the effect of full voluminous brows must be maintained. To do that, I use Nanobrow only every 2-3 days. As a result, tiny hairs still receive a dose of nourishing and regenerating ingredients so they are able to keep growing for the effect of stunning brows.

Today, I no longer have to spend time on lengthy brow makeup routine to give them a nice shape, fill them in, etc. I either use a clear brow gel or a brow mascara. That’s it – a few seconds and my makeup is complete. It’s all thanks to Nanobrow. That’s why I recommend it to all those dreaming of flawless, full eyebrows. The product lasts long and will work for several months of treatment. To be honest, I’m positively surprised that it was so simple. All I had to do was purchase a serum and apply it once a day… Obviously, it can’t be a random product and if you struggle to find the best way to repair your brows – I recommend Nanobrow serum.

The list of ingredients was a positive surprise too. I’ve never come across such thought-through product abounding in natural top-class ingredients before. To me, it’s a beauty masterpiece and a pack of powerful substances: ginseng root extract (full of vitamins, nourishes and strengthens brows and follicles), soybean sprout extract (activates hair growth and increases protein synthesis, keeps brows from falling out), wheat germ extract (adds shine and elasticity, softens, has great conditioning effect); the serum additionally contains ingredients accelerating growth and protecting eyebrows (e.g. panthenol and intensively-moisturizing propanediol). All that makes a really good impression and makes the serum work flawlessly.

Have any of you used it? Share your opinions below 🙂

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18 Comments “Remedy for Thinning Eyebrows? Nanobrow Serum – Review, Effects, Opinions”

  1. mina

    3 months?! that’s long time! i too used nanobrow but my brows were denser after 4 weeks. i thought that was long but i see i was wrong 😀

  2. Judy T.

    Can you tell something more about the ingredients? How do they work?

    • HANNAH

      i found full composition on the website and… inci is really impresive! great natural brow serum

  3. Gabby eS

    Can you add after some time an update on how long the effects lasted?

    • twisted

      Gabby I use Nanobrow as well, for about 5 months now, first results were after less than 3 weeks and now I use the serum just a few times a week to maintain the effects and I’m super happy with it!!

  4. isobel17

    i ordered it 2 weeks ago, had it the next day from placing the order and I started using right away. its great!! :):)

  5. viva-la-vita

    how many ml?

  6. forget-me-not

    Have it and love it! It’s the lightest serum i ever had: absorbs great, no clumping or greasiness. Most of all I finally have BEAUTIFUL BROWS. <3

  7. Marinne Terrence

    can I use it twice a day?

  8. gabrielle j.

    I have very thin and sparse brows… almost invisible… you think nanobrow can help? I used so many serums and no effect… ;(

  9. Patte

    #teamnanobrow i love, recommend, use and never change to any other serum!

  10. maxi-maxi

    I prefer castor oil – cheaper and works

    • Ann

      I think no oil, neither castor oil nor any other can equal to good serum. That’s the truth.

  11. user

    What price? Where can I get one?

  12. angelica keller

    Two months ago I would say that no serum is good enough to deal with my brows. Mine were really brittle, weak and sparse. Fall out excesivelly all the time and every make-up removal ended up with another gap in my brows. I got nanobrow from a friend but after so many serums I tested, I was certain it won’t work. I was surpised after a few days when my brows started to fall out less then stopped falling out altogether. Today I have beautiful, thick and strong eyebrows and recommend Nanobrow to everyone. It can deal with even the worst cases and is worth its price, no questions asked. Especially that there are more expensive ones that in my personal expirience do not work that good.

  13. Veronica

    You encouraged me with this review 😛

  14. Queen

    Great natural serum for brows that actually works

  15. barcelona

    i agree with this review 100% because it saved my brows too. Nanobrow helped me when no other serum could!


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