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The Rhythm of the Night: ZEN-style skin care <3

Hey, It’s an evening now. I’m sitting outside and I can smell the wonderful aroma of flowers. I lit some candles and with the corner of my eyes I can see some color lights twinkling in the distance. I’m having a laptop on my laps and I’m doing my best to create a cosy atmosphere […]


My favorite! Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil <3

Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil

Hey guys, it’s been long since I recommended some new arrivals so let me catch up today. I’m going back with a review of natural beauty oil. I came across Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil and use it mostly for my face skin and hair. I must say, the product really stunned me. Would you like to know why […]


Wintertime beauty mistakes

Hi! Let’s be honest, no one’s perfect or all-knowing and everyone has the right to make mistakes. It goes also for beauty mistakes. Certainly, many of you had some slipups in skin and hair care during wintertime. The worst thing is the results are to be noticeable all year long. Let’s check how to avoid […]


Silk for hair – The Action, Types and Use

Hey! Smooth hair with a natural glow? It is effect achievable only with silk. Check out how you should use it and which product will be best for you. After all, silk is a very popular and highly recommended product for hair stylization and beautification. What is silk for hair? Silk is a nourishing cosmetic […]


Homemade coffee-based cosmetics step by step

Hi! Not only it smells great and is delicious, but it also takes good care of the skin and hair. More importantly, it is almost certain you have it in your home. I am talking about coffee which will allow you to prepare quite a few body products. If you aim at natural skincare, head […]