Is Nail Polish Safe?

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Nail polish is among the most popular beauty products. Each of us has at least several bottles, excluding nail conditioners, French mani sets and a few top coats. Are these cosmetics safe for your nails, skin and health?

Nail polish contains few ingredients, must be applied the right way and delivers quite long-lasting effects. Its types can be divided according to coating, physical, usage and colour properties e.g. transparent, matte, fixing, fast-drying, anti-allergic products. The last ones include special ingredients: vitamins, proteins and anti-fungi substances.

The coloured product you apply to nails – is it nail polish? It turns out, it isn’t. Nail polish is the reserved name for colourless cosmetics. Coloured nail products are enamels. Very few manufacturers stick to these rules. As a result, both the coloured and colourless cosmetics are known as nail polishes.

What can be found in nail polish? Film-creating substances for better application, softening ingredients, pigments and nutrients. Some components are long-wear and quite resistant to damage. They cling to the nail plate and deliver shine. Nail polish is also rich in substances that keep the liquid consistency. Nail coating products should be easy to apply and remove, and quick-drying. You usually remove nail polish with acetone-infused removers.

All ingredients of nail polish are safe. They have no impact on human body or nail condition. Let’s coat our nails with amazing hues, never forgetting about the right nail care.

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