How to do make-up to drooping eyelids?


Drooping eyelids are in most cases problem of women 40+ and are connected with the skin ageing processes. It happens though that eyelids that cover eyes is the aftermath of a disease, genetics or simply the physique of this face part. What’s interesting, drooping eyelids appear in young women’s faces, too. Therefore, if dropping eyelids are your headache, keep reading the entry so as to learn how to camouflage this flaw with make-up.

Disease or looks?

Frequently, drooping eyelids are strictly connected with an ailment of eyes and the surrounding muscles. The medical term for this is ptosis and, in some cases, this condition requires a surgery. However, if drooping eyelids haven’t got the impact on eyesight, you can do make-up that will create the illusion of your eyes looking bigger than they really are. In this way, your face will appear to be less fatigued and miserable.

What cosmetics to use?

Degrease you eyelids using a micellar lotion and follow with a make-up base. Don’t use any moisturising cosmetics that might contribute to shortened lifespan of the eyeshadows. Remember also to camouflage dark circles under eyes with a concealer and powder precisely afterwards. Another crucial point is that you should use only matte and dark eyeshadows to do make-up to drooping eyelids. Keep blending the shades so as to create a neat gradient. Apply the darkest shade above the crease of the eye and blend precisely. Fair eyeshadows highlight and make eyes look bigger. Apply them to the inner corners of the eyes and right underneath the eyebrow arch. Remember though that if applied in the wrong way, they may intensify the drooping eyelids of yours. Draw a line along the eyelash root line, use an eyelash extending mascara and shape your eyebrows. The make-up is ready!

Drooping eyelids useful camouflaging tricks

Mark your eyelid with dark eyeshadows. Blend the cosmetic slightly above the crease so as to ‘move’ the line of the drooping eyelids. Use products of matte shades, which won’t bring out the flaws of your eyes. Put on fair shadows to the inner corners of the eyes and underneath the eyebrows. If you manage to coat your eyelashes precisely, these will make your eyes look bigger and cover the eyelids. Moreover, remember to move the brushes upwards when you blend eyeshadows or when you use an eyeliner. Owning to this technique, your eyes will also make the impression of being bigger. Shape your eyebrows by removing the unwanted hair. After all, eyebrows pose a kind of frame of face so they can distract the attention from the droopy eyelids. Finally, apply a pale eye pencil to the waterline since this also makes your eyes look bigger.

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