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Heat Protectant Sprays Which Safeguard My Hair During Heat Styling Routine

Hi there, today I’ll briefly review top heat protectant sprays for heat styling – blow-drying, flat-ironing or curling. Keep scrolling and enjoy reading! Thermal protection while heat styling. Does hair really need it? Some people have doubts if heat protectant is a must or just an unnecessary invention of cosmetic companies. The truth is we […]


Nanoil Castor Oil – Star Beauty Oil from Instagram & TikTok. How It Performs?

olejek rycynowy nanoil

Hey guys! I’d love you to read my review of a beauty oil which has hit the big time on Instagram and TikTok, and is winning more and more happy customers every day. You might have heard about Nanoil Castor Oil. Many say it’s the only castor oil on the market that’s worthwhile. Do I […]


How I Use NANOIL Argan Oil? Product Review

olejek arganowy nanoil

Today I’m reviewing an absolute must-have that I came across some time ago. It’s NANOIL ARGAN OIL. Nanoil is my fave beauty brand which keeps me amazed selling only top quality products. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with a new one. I love using Nanoil Argan Oil and I’m happy to share all I […]


Recipe for Nourishing Face Oil. Do It Yourself!

I am a big fan of DIY beauty products. I can afford a readymade moisturizer or mask but I definitely prefer to play at my “home lab”. Benefits of homemade cosmetics are worth noting: the choice of ingredients is up to you formula is all-natural lack of preservatives and potential allergens definitely more budget-friendly than […]


Should You Use Herbs for Growth? See Benefits of Herbs for Hair!

Hey! Most of you probably dream of healthy, long tresses, don’t you? We use scalp treatments, arsenal of products or even go for extensions… There is a thing that we tend to forget, though. I mean herbs. These all-natural substances have been known forever and turn out to be the best remedy. In today’s post […]