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Recipe for Nourishing Face Oil. Do It Yourself!

I am a big fan of DIY beauty products. I can afford a readymade moisturizer or mask but I definitely prefer to play at my “home lab”. Benefits of homemade cosmetics are worth noting: the choice of ingredients is up to you formula is all-natural lack of preservatives and potential allergens definitely more budget-friendly than […]


5 World’s Most Expensive Beauty Products: How much would you spend to improve your look?

Hey 🙂 I know that from time to time each one of us likes surrounding themselves with some luxurious stuff. Is it typical of you to sometimes throw into a shopping basket some horrendously expensive beauty products? Later you come back home and think that for the money that you’ve just spent you could have […]


My Essential Items List: Hair care products I can’t live without

Hey, No matter if your hair is long or short, if it’s fine or thick, if it’s fair or dark – I’m sure that you’re looking for the best solutions to improve its looks. I know that you try various hair care products to make the tresses look better and get stronger. Without doubt, taking […]


[REVIEW] Aloe and white tea face serum by Nanoil. Is it really that great?

aloe vera face serum Nanoil

Hey Ladies, I think, it’s time for a thorough and in-depth review of something pretty astonishing. For a month now I’ve been having the pleasure of testing Nanoil face serum formulated with aloe and white tea, which is one of a few remarkable Nanoil face serums that I came across during one of my online […]


My favorite! Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil <3

Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil

Hey guys, it’s been long since I recommended some new arrivals so let me catch up today. I’m going back with a review of natural beauty oil. I came across Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil and use it mostly for my face skin and hair. I must say, the product really stunned me. Would you like to know why […]