Guerlain Meteorites have 30 years! Meteorites Birthday Candle Pearls

Hi, Girls!

Happy birthday to you! It is what we should sing to Guerlain. The French brand manufacturing make-up cosmetics has just reached 30 years. For this exact occasion, they released a new product, Meteorites Birthday Candle Pearls. Is it worth to try it out?

What’s new with Guerlain?

Meteorites Birthday Candle Pearls is a perfect cosmetic to highlight skin, ensure skin with a fresh appearance and emphasise the natural beauty. Guerlain cosmetic has several delicate shades which provide skin with light and soft effect, gold to eliminate grey skin, pink to ensure glow and champagne and white to provide glow and reflect light. All of it placed in a large package resembling an elegant case.

What’s in Meteorites Birthday Candle Pearls?

Cosmetic contains iridescent particles which highlight skin and add a girly charm to it. Meteorites by Guerlain contain also delicate powder and diamond dust. Thanks to it, skin is smooth and soft to touch. On top of it, cosmetic holds highlighting and camouflaging components so that skin was even and all imperfections camouflaged. Meteorites Birthday Candle Pearls consists of fragrances that make you think of a meadow full of violets.

How should you use Meteorites Birthday Candle Pearls by Guerlain?

Meteorites are used to highlight skin and preserve make-up. Meteorites Birthday Candle Pearls should be applied on the cheekbones, in the middle of a forehead, on the bridge of a nose and on the chin. It is a way to provide skin with a glow and at the same time contour face. For the application of cosmetic by Guerlain use a big and soft brush. The effect is natural and subtle. All of you will love it.

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