Wine Therapy. How to Care for Skin Clear-Headedly?


Wine… Who doesn’t like? it. Do you know lots of people don’t use it exclusively as an alcoholic beverage? Wine turns out to be beneficial to the whole body. I don’t mean this nice feeling of intoxication and happiness. Wine offers skin and hair care uses. What are the benefits and how to use it?

Wine therapy – what is this?

Wine therapy is the answer to the growing demand for natural ingredients and treatments among women. The healthful properties of grapes and wine have been known since the ancient times so this type of beauty care has caught on quickly. Why is wine therapy so popular? Because of substances found in grapes – AHA, BHA, PHA acids that repair, gently exfoliate, smooth and brighten the skin. Moreover, they increase the absorption of ingredients included in your everyday skin products.

Tartaric acid is the most crucial and its concentration decides about the success of the treatment. The higher the concentration, the stronger and deeper the action of the tartaric acid. Its action consists in boosting the exfoliation of dead cells and/or deeper skin layers.

Apart from tartaric acid, grapes are the source of phosphorus, calcium, vitamins A, E and B. Polyphenols and flavonoids help fight off free radicals. Tannin – one of the most valuable ingredients of grapes – has rejuvenating, tightening and anti-inflammatory properties.

Who is wine therapy for?

The therapy is designed for those who go for natural skin products, need relaxation and want to improve the appearance. Wine therapy is an alternative to chocolate treatments and other delicious products that smell beautiful. The therapy works on many levels as it affects both the skin and our mood.

The wine treatments are recommended for people who have dry, mature, loose skin with stretch marks and other imperfections. They also work if you have acne and struggle with too much sebum secretion. Sadly, the wine therapy is a bad idea for people fighting with blood system diseases, skin inflammation and allergies. Interestingly, pregnant and breastfeeding women can make use of the treatment. Wine or grape-enriched products don’t affect the child’s development. Obviously, mums-to-be must advise it with their doctors.

What does the wine therapy look like?

The first stage involves using a coarse-grained scrub that exfoliates dead skin cells and promotes the absorption of grapes’ ingredients. Next, you take a wine and water bath, and taste a glass of wine. The finishing step is a massage and body treatment. Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to give it a try?

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