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Remedy for Thinning Eyebrows? Nanobrow Serum – Review, Effects, Opinions


Hi, there! Those of you who carefully follow my blog must know that Mother Nature has gifted me with quite long full lashes but it seems like she ran out of time to work on the eyebrows… I was left with limp, quite thin brows and gaps it the brow line. I’m glad I don’t have […]


TOP 5 the best natural cosmetics I’ve ever used

Hey Ladies 🙂 It’s clear to see that recently this growing trend for natural cosmetic has emerged. I’m glad that we are gradually becoming more aware consumers and we don’t only try to stop eating unhealthy food but also we keep putting the ‘hair and body care’ bar higher and higher (we don’t only set […]


What’s BOOSTER in cosmetics? Upgraded skin care

Hello! Today’s subject is slightly less ‘guide-ish’ because I’m going to tell you what a cosmetic booster is. Have I got your interest? I hope, I have. I’ve to admit honestly that I was truly curious what boosters really are since the very moment I came across this term for a first time (which was […]


Revolutionary Minimalism. What Beauty Products I Take on Vacation?

Summer is a wonderful time when I turn into a globetrotter. I’m really big on moving from one place to another and I’ve never had enough. That is why a light and compact piece of luggage is the basis for my vacation trips. Obviously, nothing weighs as much as a pile of beauty products so […]


Colourful mascara p2 Cali Vibes. Turquoise madness!

Do I need a turquoise mascara? Not necessarily because on the daily basis I wear mostly casual make-up in shades of brown. Hey, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to experiment with my make-up! For the night-outs, parties and hangouts with my friends — these are situations when I reach for other cosmetics […]