Mixa, PRO-TOLERANCE moisturising creams. Do they work?


today we’re starting the day from Mixa moisturising face creams review. The brand should be known to all L’Oreal Paris lovers because this is the producer that manufactures the very creams. Would you like to know the products better?

Mixa – about the brand

MIXA presents a new definition of sensitive skin care. This is a brand that produces cosmetics that are friendly to all the allergic sufferers because they don’t contain parabens, colourants, artificial fragrances and preservatives. Natural composition favours effective and delicate care.

And this is the very reason why I love using Mixa creams because my skin is irritation-prone. Even my dermatologist warned me to be more cautious when it comes to the products I apply to my face. I find Mixa creams completely suitable for my face!


My beloved Mixa face creams belong to Pro-Tolerance series and are available in two versions (more on this below). They serve my skin well, in spite of the fact that my complexion doesn’t put up with new cosmetics the way I would like it to. Mixa Pro-Tolerance face creams play in tune with my complexion and provide it with:

  • perfect moisturisation,
  • soothing of irritations,
  • reducing hypersensitiveness,
  • very healthy look.

This product is available in two versions, light and rich, and the differences between them are subtle. What is the difference? Light and soothing moisturising cream Mixa Pro-Tolerance mostly differs with the ingredients and action. Rich soothing moisturising cream Mixa Pro-Tolerance contains glycerine so as to moisturise dry and sensitive skin deeply. The light version is additionally enriched with Omega-PP complex, which delivers relief. Thanks to this, this face cream works in a more delicate mode.

Both Mixa face creams are recommended for sensitive skin, the one which lacks hydration, therefore I use the creams interchangeably. The sensation of comfort and relief the products deliver can’t be compared to anything. Another thing that makes me love the creams is the application. There is nothing unusual about it since all you have to do is put them to your face, neck and eye skin area twice a day – in the morning and evening.

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