How to make use of thermal water. A few words about a multipurpose cosmetic

Hello lovelies, I have to tell you something! I got swept off my feet by…thermal water. I am so surprised that I only heard about it just recently. Today, I will tell you more about how to make the best use of it.

Thermal water is extracted from warm springs hidden underground. It is a completely natural product that any skin will fall in love with, due to the high content of minerals. In other words – thermal waters are rich in minerals valuable from the skin care point of view.

What have I discovered during my research? As a matter of fact, quite a few issues were a surprise for me.

Thermal water in cosmetics 

For beauty purposes, thermal waters have been used for decades. However, at first, they were used as a base-product for other cosmetics. With times, it has been discovered that thermal water – on its own – provides a variety of valuable ingredients and can be used as a separate cosmetic.

And so, nearly every cosmetic brand has released a line of cosmetics based on thermal water to the market. In addition, there are many smaller companies that specialize in all-natural cosmetics only.

What does thermal water comprise?

Minerals, minerals and … even more minerals! Thermal water is extracted from the depths of the earth, where it absorbs a lot of bioelements. Among others, you will find calcium, magnesium, selenium, silicon, potassium, zinc, iron, sodium, copper, manganese, lithium, strontium, boron, sulfur, as well as aluminum. That is also the reason why it is crystal clear and highly mineralized, i.e. these minerals are really large (not trace) amounts.

Of course, the composition of the thermal water depends on where it is tapped. However, it is worth looking for such waters that contain more minerals in smaller quantities than a lot of a single one. Why? Because our skin loves diversity! 🙂

How does thermal water work?

Let’s get to the most crucial part – the effects of use. I am sure you’re curious why I consider this product so universal, versatile and irreplaceable. One of the reasons includes the effect it provides us with.

The most essential qualities of thermal water:

  •  it refreshes, especially in case of hot weather;
  •  regulates sebaceous glands, preventing the skin from becoming oily;
  •  relieves all kinds of irritations (works like a compress);
  •  and even accelerates the healing of minor wounds and soothes inflammation;
  •  protects the face (and body) from drying out in the sun;
  •  provides the skin with an optimal level of hydration;
  •  improves the effects of other cosmetics that absorb it better;
  •  provides the skin with elasticity, softness, and lack of discoloration;
  •  they prevent the harmful effects of free radicals.

This list of the properties of thermal water looks impressive, right? The most interesting of all is that it is a universal cosmetic that can be used on any type of skin, including the sensitive, with atopic inflammation, seborrhea, acne or dilated capillaries. In these cases, it is even more advisable to use thermal water because it’s gentler to the skin than regular tap water.

Which thermal water to choose?

First of all, go for the one that’s most natural – without unnecessary preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. The composition should include water itself. However, it is worth paying attention to where it is obtained and what micronutrients it contains. The greater the variety, the better. Of course, it may happen that one thermal water will work better for you, and another one may bring worse effects, but it’s more a matter of individual preferences. Give it a try, observe the effects and choose the product that is best for you.

Thermal water – use 

Now it’s the time to tell you a few words about how you can use thermal water. There are many possibilities, as I mentioned at the very beginning of this article. I was surprised myself that thermal water offers such a wide variety of properties and possibilities. See for yourself.

What can you use thermal water for?

  • As a refreshing face and body mist.
  •  As a toner that restores the skin’s proper pH level.
  •  As a gentle facial cleanser.
  •  As a cosmetic soothing irritations (also after shaving).
  •  As a base for masks, eg with clay.
  •  As a natural cosmetic after tanning.
  •  As a make-up base – prepares the skin for foundation application.
  •  As a cosmetic to moisturize the skin during the day.

Share your ideas on how to use thermal water in your daily skin care. 🙂 I am curious whether you use it, or maybe it is a total novelty for you.

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