Sugar, dairy, or gluten? What’s your face type?

Sagging, bruises on the face, wrinkles that appear too early, and unidentified blemishes that come out of nowhere – all of these are problems with complexion and one of their source might be the food you consume. How to recognize what products we eat too much?

It wasn’t that long ago when I didn’t know that my skin took a lot from what I consume. I was convinced that patting the right moisturising cream, regular application of fine-grained peelings, and using an oil to massage my face with it are completely enough. Indeed, all of these are important elements of face skin care that maintain complexion in good condition. Unfortunately, our skin needs more than that.

Recently, I’ve found out that altering the eating habits just a little bit has its consequence in visible skin condition improvement. For that reason, it’s worth thinking over what we eat and which substances we deliver to our organism because only then will we be able to take care of the proper look of our skin no matter of the occasion (a wedding or just the New Year’s Eve). Enjoy reading!

Eating mistakes written on the face

There are certain groups of products that make our complexion go downhill inevitably – for example, dairy, sugar or gluten. Of course, we don’t have to resign from all of these food products although this would bring the best results. Instead, it’s advisable to see what our face wants to tell us. The condition our complexion is corresponds with our eating habits.

We distinguish four face types and if you manage to match one of them to your own, you will learn which substances you consume in galore. Next, you just need to cut down on eating this particular substance and see for yourself that this is the key to make our skin healthy, radiant and neat again.

This is how it looks like:

Sugar face is:
  • horizontal laugh lines on the forehead;
  • bruising and wrinkles under eyes;
  • dull and grey complexion;
  • painful pimples all over the face.

Resign from consuming products containing great quantities of sugar including fizzy drinks.

Dairy face is:
  • swollen eyelids;
  • dark circles under eyes and sagging;
  • white spots and papulae on the chin.

Resign from the dairy products, including egg products.

Gluten face is:
  • dark pigment marks on the face;
  • swollen and red cheeks;
  • pimples on the chin.

Resign from food products containing gluten.

Wine face is:
  • dropping eyelids;
  • enlarged skin pores;
  • reddened cheeks and nose;
  • dehydrated skin;
  • deep wrinkles that lead from nose to lips;
  • wrinkles and redness between eyes.

Resign from drinking alcohol or at least try to limit its consumption.

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