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The skin around the eyes is most exposed to irritation. It is often affected by puffiness and swellings. I think it’s obvious to those of you who happen to go to sleep late, work all night, have allergies or don’t know how to care for this face part. What are the rules for the successful eye skin care routine?

Problematic Around-Eye Skin

The skin around your eyes is extremely thin, vascular and fragile. It has very few sebaceous glands so drying and irritating it is easy. That is why this skin area gets wrinkles most quickly. Genes, age, environment, diet, long sunbaths without the right protection and wrong make-up removal have a huge impact on the condition and appearance of the skin.

How to take care of the eye skin?

The at-home prevention – cleansing and hydrating – matters a lot. Choose a mild make-up remover and a high-quality eye cream. The best products include ingredients that deliver oxygen, smoothness and illumination. You should also go for cosmetics that reduce dark circles, soothe puffiness and strengthen blood vessels. The right application of the eye cream is important. A massage will enhance the skin condition. Tap the cosmetic above the brow ridge and into cheekbones with your fingertips. Don’t apply the cream right under the lower eyelid because it could trigger watery eyes and irritation.

Beauty Treatments

Regrettably, around-eye imperfections are inevitable. If they really get you down, visit a beauty parlour for a professional rejuvenating treatment. Mesotherapy is the most popular one. The procedure increases the flow of blood and lymph, brightens discoloured skin and eliminates dark circles and puffiness. Hyaluronic acid injections might bring similar results. The treatment smoothes wrinkles, lifts eyelids and tightens skin around the eyes.

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