How Do I Tame Frizzy Hair?


Each of you must have had a bad hair day. How do we handle the problem? Tight hairdos, putting a hat on or not leaving the house. It is much better to tame unruly strands! How? Read on to find out.

Why is Hair Frizzy?

Sadly, it is usually us to blamed for frizz. Wrong hair care and brushing, lots of heat-styling, damaging external factors (free radicals, heavy metals, hard water, sunlight). Result? Hair is dull, dry, brittle and obviously – frizzy. Other factors also make our hair lose its condition and good appearance: genes, some pharmaceuticals and past diseases.

How to Care for Frizzy Hair?

Most of all, make sure that damaged hair is moisturised and nourished. Use shampoos, masks and conditioners that contain proper ingredients. Enriching your diet with supplements is an excellent idea. What else can you do? Do not blow dry with a hot airflow. Forget about brushing wet hair. Cut down on heat-styling and coloring. Before going out, protect hair from cold wind or sunlight.

What Cosmetics to Use?

Try out moisturising shampoos with wheat proteins. Go for masks and conditioners that provide similar ingredients and effects. Hair oils also work great e.g. Marc Anthony Macadamia Oil. Thanks to the product, your hair will be unpoofed, smooth and shiny. You can also test Kativa Keratin Brazilian Straightening Xpress or Marion Keratin Mix (hair straightening elixir).

Home Remedies for Smooth Hair

Masks and good habits are a must. The most popular mask for frizzy hair is made up of eggs, olive oil and lemon. You mix the ingredients and use the mixture for washing hair. To finish the treatment, you must thoroughly rinse the scalp with warm and next cold water. Which habits should you introduce to have amazing hair?

  • Do not go to sleep with wet hair.
  • Wash your hair two or three times a week.
  • Use an ionic blow-dryer.
  • Brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb.
  • Use moisturising, silicone-based and wax-based cosmetics.
  • Sleep on silk or satin pillowcases.

As a last resort, you can… trim your hair. 

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