How to take care of couperose skin? My recipes for homemade cosmetics for couperose skin

Couperose skin is very sensitive. It is manifested by the appearance of red spots on the skin, “spider veins” around the nose and an unexpected erythema on the cheeks. The skin is very thin and reacts quickly to changing external factors, such as wind, frost, sun or humidity – then the red color of the capillaries is visible even through a layer of full coverage foundation. This is the reason why winter is the worst season of the year for those with a couperose complexion. Such skin type has a genetic and hormonal basis, but we often contribute to worsening the symptoms – the condition of the vascular skin is aggravated by inappropriate care, improper diet and a tendency to excessive sunbathing. How to recognize a capillary complexion and how to nurture it? What should be included in cosmetics for capillary skin? I am proud to present you my recipes for homemade cosmetics for capillary skin and ideas to facilitate the makeup!

How to recognize couperose skin?

Couperose skin is not a disease and it’s not acquired with age. In the case of this skin type, the vessels are simply much shallower than in the case of normal, dry or oily skin.

The blood vessels relax under the influence of temperature and emotion fluctuations and then return to the original form. If they are relaxed, they do not fully shrink, resulting in a red face. Fortunately, you can fight it through appropriate care and cosmetic treatments. The capillary skin should be treated for aesthetic purposes and due to health reasons (to prevent the formation of rosacea).

How to take care of couperose skin?

First of all, couperose skin requires protection against UV radiation, therefore, cosmetics with high SPF are a must throughout the entire year. In the summer and winter a minimum SPF 20 will suffice, and in the spring and autumn – you can go with lower ones. Also, on frosty and windy days, you cannot forget about a rich protective cream that will shield your skin from adverse weather conditions. Moreover, you must soothe the skin with cosmetics and ingredients that bring relief, calm and moisturize. It is equally important to reduce the fragility of blood vessels and strengthen them. For this purpose, reach for creams that make the capillary walls more elastic and decrease the swelling.

What should be included in cosmetics for couperose skin?

Preparations intended for capillary skin should be enriched with ingredients such as:

  •  silicon,
  •  green clay,
  •  vitamin C and K,
  •  sea algae,
  •  Japanese ginkgo,
  •  yarrow,
  •  arnica,
  •  chestnut,
  •  marigold,
  •  chamomile
  •  witch hazel,
  •  rose oil.

My recipes for homemade masks for couperose skin 

Linseed masks for couperose skin 

To prepare it, pour boiling water over ground linseeds in a ratio of 1: 5 and boil until you get the consistency of porridge. After cooling it down, add a tablespoon of yogurt and mix thoroughly. Apply to your face and collect it with a cotton pad after twenty minutes.

Green mask for couperose skin 

Blend a kiwi and a tablespoon of lemon juice and potato flour. Apply the mask to your face for about 15 minutes and then rinse.

White mask for couperose skin 

All you need to do is to mash a spoonful of fat cottage cheese with a spoonful of cream and apply it to your face. Wash it after twenty minutes.

Sweet mask for couperose skin 

Combine a tablespoon of cream with a tablespoon of honey. Apply the mixture to the face and wash down after 15 minutes.

Herbal aid for couperose skin 

Prepare a brew with chamomile, sage or field horsetail and cool it down. Add a tablespoon of vitamin A + E. Soak the cotton pads in it, apply to your face and hold for 20 minutes.

Makeup for couperose skin 

Women who have to struggle with couperose skin have one dream: cover the dilated capillaries. For this purpose, you should use creams with the addition of clay or green concealer (for daily makeup), and for the evening – a green makeup base. This cosmetic reduces the visibility of redness after twenty minutes. You can buy it at good drugstores and online stores. After applying the primer, you should apply a strong covering foundation that camouflages the vessels.

In addition, companies producing colored cosmetics offer a series of foundations and powders dedicated to the capillary skin. The cosmetics for skin with discoloration also have strong covering properties.

Couperose skin – beauty treatments 

Beauty salons offer a wide variety of treatments that are aimed at sealing the dilated capillaries:

  •  lymphatic drainage,
  •  ultrasounds,
  •  iontophoresis,
  •  electrocoagulation,
  •  galvanization,
  •  treatments using the sollux lamp,
  •  laser closing of blood vessels,
  •  photothermolysis,
  •  soothing treatments.

On the other hand, treatments and cosmetics that should be avoided in the case of capillary skin, include coarse peels and exfoliating cosmetics and – due to the drying effects – products with the addition of alcohol.

And how do you take care of couperose skin? Please, share your recipes for homemade skin care cosmetics? I’m counting on you!

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