Make-up ideas for autumn. Beauty trends for everyone

Hello Girls,

Gold, rubies and emeralds… No, unfortunately, these aren’t the make-up ideas but the colours that you can currently see while taking a look through the window. Indeed, autumn is a marvellous artist that paints leaves beautifully. However, we, girls, should use different colours to do make-up. Thanks to my today’s entry, you’re going to learn what is trendy this season.

Blusher applied to eyelids?

YES! This is an upward trend who appeared at the end of this year’s summer and is going to last through the entire autumn (or even longer than that). So, if you are brave enough, go ahead and apply a blusher to your cheeks and eyelids. The good news is that you can apply as much of the cosmetic as you only feel like to. The more, the better and the more fashionable. A thick layer of a blusher won’t be perceived as overuse, yet this will be the reflection of you being up-to-date with the current beauty trends. Moreover, if you think that the blusher you applied to your cheeks and eyelids isn’t obvious enough, you can go for a pink lipstick. All shades are going to be trendy this season. Basically, you can also go for lipsticks including delicate purple and red tints.

Fruity lips

While talking about lips… This autumn’s trend are lipsticks and lip glosses of juicy and vivid colours. Raspberry, cherry and red wine sound tasty and look incredibly. But how to match eyeshadows to such make-up? I bet you remember one of the most important rule followed by all make-up artists: strong lips equals delicate eye make-up (and the other way round). Hence, if you coat your lips cherry or raspberry, apply nude or other delicate eyeshadows, which balance the striking colour of either lipstick or lip-gloss.

Shine and colour to the eyelids!

Your eyelids will look good if you apply colour lines of silver, gold or copper. After all, why wouldn’t you brighten up this gloomy aura with your look? Eyeshadows and lines of the very colours will lighten your eyes up and add a kind of freshness to your entire look. If you would like to obtain an original effect, you may combine sateen eyeshadows with opalescent pigments. What colours of eyeliners and eye pencils are the best this autumn? Go for something that completely mismatch your iris, which is pink and blue, for example.

Are you willing to go with the flow and apply this autumn’s make-up trends?

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