Fun facts about cosmetics. What should you know about foundation?

We use it almost every day, but we often do not realise what it is and how to use it correctly. Today, on my blog you have an opportunity to find out how well you know your foundation. I’m curious whether the below facts will surprise you as well.

Has your foundation happened to darken on your face, start to stand out too much and create mask effect?

If you’d be aware of what it is made of and how this cosmetic works, it probably wouldn’t come as a surprise to you. I remember when I experienced such situation for the first time and I became mad at the manufacturer and I cursed them that my foundation is broken. After all, the expiry date was okay. Only when I read about make-up and going deeper into the subject, I learned the truth.

Today I will share my knowledge on three facts about the foundation that mostly stun people I talk to. These are things, you have never heard before!

Foundation is in fact powder in cream

Even though current foundation in a significant way differs from those sold in the 30s. (beginnings of the make-up), its intended use remained the same. Foundation is a creamy base cosmetic to camouflage skin imperfections and even out skin complexion. You can say that foundation is none other than the powder in form of velvety cream. It’s usually powdery, spreads well, blends with skin and contains pigments with correct shade.

You should never use foundation directly on skin

How come not on the skin? You may think that I talk nonsense and all I mean is that before you proceed with the foundation, you should use a make-up base. Perfect coverage and natural effect can be achieved only when used foundation is applied on the prepared skin. Hydration can be provided with a light face cream for day, delicate oil (almond oil is my favourite), hydrating mist or special make-up base. The cosmetic applied directly on the skin and spread the same direction is more long-lasting, crease resistant and does not emphasise dry skin patches (cause there are none).

Foundation can darken on skin

Let’s get to the subject I mentioned before. Foundation can react with various cosmetics (cream, face gel, toner), even with over-secretion of the sebaceous glands. Then its colour changes and it may turn out to not match our skin after all. Darkening of the foundation may also be related to improper skin pH. What should you do? Balance your skin pH with toner and apply foundation only after cosmetic is entirely absorbed and use natural oils which can limit excess sebum secretion.

Did you know these facts about the foundation?

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