How to Illuminate the Around-Eye Skin? Galenic Teint Lumiere Concealer


The skin around the eyes must be spotless and flawless. No imperfections. The makeup must be perfect. I chose Galenic Teint Lumiere Illuminating Concealer for beautifying this face part.

Who’s going to make use of Galenic Concealer?

Galenic Teint Lumiere Illuminating Concealer works for every woman who wants to enhance her good looks in no time. It also works for those whose eye skin doesn’t look good. Teint Lumiere camouflages dark under-eye circles, conceals puffiness and fine lines, and illuminates the skin. If oily skin is your problem, the concealer is going to deal with it. Moreover, the product nourishes and moisturises the skin, making it look radiant and beautiful.

What is Galenic Teint Lumiere made up of?

Natural ingredients have a great influence on the effects of the product. Teint Lumiere contains Unicaria – an Amazonian plant which has antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing power. Because the plant loses its conditioning properties in contact with the air, the product uses the technology which protects from the action of external factors. Teint Lumiere Concealer is rich in other natural substances, among others:

  • Betaine and Glycol which moisturise and smooth the skin;
  • mineral pigments and oils which deliver the color and easy application;
  • powders which absorb sebum and ensure a velvety makeup finish.

How to use Galenic Teint Lumiere Illuminating Concealer?

The concealer comes in a pencil so the application is a piece of cake. You spread the product directly on the skin or after applying the foundation. Next, you rub the concealer over with fingers or a brush to blend it and let it camouflage all blemishes. Galenic Teint Lumiere Illuminating Concealer has a lightweight, moisturising and illuminating consistency. The formula has a fresh scent of orange flowers.

What about you, girls? How do you camouflage the around-eye imperfections? 

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