Eye pain? It can be both a disease or a defective cosmetic

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Obviously, eyes are one the most important and – at the same time – one of the most delicate organs in the human body. If you notice your eyes being red or if they are in pain frequently, perhaps you should consider these two symptoms as serious and visit a doctor. It has to be realized that such condition doesn’t have to indicate just a temporary discomfort. Find out what this ailment really means.

What are the most common eye conditions?

The most frequently occurring eye ailments are:

  • prickling and redness
  • swollen eyelids
  • dark circles and sagging
  • sty
  • watery eyes
  • conjunctivitis

Eye ailments: Profile

1. Pricking feeling in the eye and redness

The main causes of having prickling feeling in the eyes are: reading books for long, television watching, working in front of a screen, staying in a polluted environment, application of irritating eye products, progressing eye diseases. Red eye can be the symptom of: allergic reaction, weakened blood vessels, insufficient sleep or negative impact of drugs.

In order to soothe the very conditions, doctors recommend using special eye pads. The most effective and at the same time the easiest in using are chamomile, mint or fennel infusions. These herbs contain flavonoids, essential oils and display antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and nourishing properties.

2. Swollen eyelids

The main reason for this condition are water deposits in tissues that are created due to fatigue or high salt intake. Also, swollen eyelids may be the symptom of various ailments that affect other body organs (e.g. kidneys), circulatory system or metabolic process. Although ice pads should bring the relief, it’s definitely better to see a doctor.

3. Dark circles and sagging

They can be caused by nervousness, lack of sleep, improper diet, fatigue, diseases and vitamin shortage. Also, it can be a congenital defect. In order to deal with dark circles and sagging, you should: sleep longer, rest more frequently, follow a balanced diet, apply beauty products that are made from soothing and reinforcing ingredients, do camouflage make-up. You can also make use of massage and black tea wet dressings, which contains tannins and theine – substances known for boosting blood flow.

4. Sty

In most cases it’s caused by bacterial infection. The major sty symptoms are: redness, swelling and aching eyelids. This condition can be cured by applying right medications.

5. Watery eyes

Eyes get wet when they are exposed to low temperature or intensive light. Also, watery eyes is a defense reaction of our body when it senses a eye injury or a foreign body in the eye socket.

6. Conjunctivitis

It’s caused by bacterial infection and it can be recognized by odma, itchiness, stinging sensation and having eyelids stuck together when you wake up. Conjunctivitis can be cured due to medication. At home, you can also turn to wet dressings made of black tea.

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