Wintertime beauty mistakes


Let’s be honest, no one’s perfect or all-knowing and everyone has the right to make mistakes. It goes also for beauty mistakes. Certainly, many of you had some slipups in skin and hair care during wintertime. The worst thing is the results are to be noticeable all year long. Let’s check how to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Scratchy clothes

It’s pretty obvious that in the winter you wear warm woolen or similar to wool clothes. Sadly, some of them are made with worse quality fabric. These are the ones to be scratchy and far from soft in touch. This sort of clothes can be the cause of skin irritations, allergies, and itching. What is more, when worn directly on the bare skin will not provide you with the comfort you might strive for. This situation has few options: buy high-quality clothes, wear long sleeve blouses, take appropriate care of your skin.

Scrubs and intense acid-based cosmetics

Acid-based cosmetics, some scrubs, and exfoliating treatments shouldn’t be done in the winter, especially when the temperature is really low. In this season, your skin is way more sensitive and subjected to irritations. When undergoing treatments known for this deep skin interference, you, in fact, damage its hydrolipid layer. Remember that only treatments with some of the acids can be performed all year long and in the winter you should always use protective and heavy creams.

You do not take care of your feet

The winter is particularly hard on feet. It is all due to all those thick clothes and heavy boots. Your feet sweat more, heel’s skin becomes thick and cracks while nails lose their natural glow. Are those the feet you wish to show to the world in the summer? Guess not. That is why in the winter, you have to take care of your feet just as much as any other body part: moisturize, scrub, nourish.

Lack of proper skincare

If you do not use any SPF cream in the winter, you must be entirely oblivious as to its consequences for your skin in the future. Lack of protection against the sun radiation will contribute to hyperpigmentation, while the use of water-based cream, will make skin dry. That is why, before winter will be upon us, you should switch your cosmetics for such appropriate for different weather conditions.

Going out with your hair still damp

You should never go out with wet hair. The reason? First is pretty simple – you’ll get sick. Second is more complicated though for all the hair lovers out there may be quite obvious – your hair will suffer breakage and flyaways and ends will split. The solution? Never wash your hair before going out (do it the day before), because if you use a blowdryer and go out into the minus temperature, you’ll get sick as well.

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