Under eye cream. Only for mature skin?

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Try to answer the following question: How often do you think about your skin under eyes?

Those of you who don’t see the fine lines on their faces yet, probably don’t even bother with this subject. I believe that those of you who have got a little bit more mature skin, reach for some cream or, once in a while, apply gel pads so as to avoid dark circles and harness the flabby skin. Only after noticing the wrinkles we start to find some golden means, a marvellous cream, which will immediately (best if already after the first application) deal with these skin imperfections.

The good news is that the process of first wrinkle occurrence (under eyes) can be delayed. The less attention we pay to condition this face part, the faster it start to rebel, get wrinkled and flabby.

It happens that women after 40 have less wrinkles than their 10-year-younger friends. How is it possible? Genetics? Certainly, genes have influence on ageing of our organism but the proper care plays equally important role when it comes to wrinkle appearance.

When is the best time to reach for an under eye cream?

Skin starts ageing after turning 25. It’s the time when the process of losing and weakening of collagen and elasticin fibres that are responsible for keeping skin taut begins. For that reason, even the 25-year-olds should take their interest in how to treat skin under eyes and support the natural processes that occurs in an organism. Nowadays, there is this conviction that 20-year-old skin may need under eye cosmetics if it is exceptionally exposed to destructive factors (for example, because of scorching sun, air conditioning, frost and other adverse factors). Also, remember that smoking cigarettes significantly contributes to wrinkle occurrence. Naturally, young women should reach for slightly different cosmetics (in terms of composition) than mature women. The younger the skin, the smaller its needs. Another worth mentioning point, no matter the age, skin always requires moisturisation therefore the under eye cream we choose should have hydrating action. It must be remembered that frequent use of under eye concealers can dehydrate and fatigue the delicate skin around our eyes. If you feel that your skin under eyes, despite its young age, requires attention, don’t hesitate and buy a good and delicate moisturising cream. Mature skin will warmly (and with relief) welcome a cream delivering moisturising and anti-wrinkle action. Another good idea is to apply natural oils of hygroscopic and anti-age action, which are argan oil or raspberry seed oil, to name just a few.

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