My Essential Items List: Hair care products I can’t live without


No matter if your hair is long or short, if it’s fine or thick, if it’s fair or dark – I’m sure that you’re looking for the best solutions to improve its looks. I know that you try various hair care products to make the tresses look better and get stronger. Without doubt, taking care of hair can be a really pleasant experience – not a torture. Today, I’ll tell you a few words about hair care products that will help you bring out and enhance your hair’s inner beauty. Enjoy!

TOP Hair Care Products: My hair essentials

1. Nanoil hair oil

I truly love them all, both the mini oils and the bigger ones (actually the mini oils aren’t that mini because one bottle holds as much as 50 ml of unrefined oil). However, today I want to present you the big individual oils – the blends destined exclusively for improving hair. The smaller oils can be used to take care of body, face and nails – not only to improve hair. The big Nanoil hair oils compose a set of 3 separate formulations dedicated for 3 hair types (check “hair porosity”). Apart from being composed of natural oils, they also contain keratin, UV filters, silk, vitamins and – surprise, surprise – kerastim and bajkapil that are vegetable marvels! These plant extracts combat the problem of hair loss and promote hair growth. When used regularly, Nanoil grants fully regenerated hair – from the follicles to the ends – strong tresses, beautiful and thick strands. Nanoil is my answer to all hair problems, including even some nasty scalp ailments. After all, there is nothing that would improve the hair like natural oils. So, treat your hair with oils and enjoy the benefits of hair oil treatment!

2. Batiste dry shampoo

This one and no other. I love it for being so subtle, invisible on hair. Another strong suit of this dry shampoo is that it doesn’t reside on hair at all. Neither does it disturb the scalp. It’s light like a feather and helps me always when I’m running out of time and can’t afford spending time on proper hair washing. It sometimes happens that you’re somewhere on a (business) trip and you have to be ready in a snap. There is no point in wasting time in a bathroom. Just take a quick shower and go conquering the world! With this shampoo I’m always certain that I’m not wearing any nasty white talc stains on my head. I’d recommend it to literally everyone.

3. Nanoil keratin hair mask

Nanoil? Again? Yep. I feel that this brand is slowly becoming my obsession, so great products they offer! This hair mask with keratin equals professional and in-salon effects available without leaving your home. To me, Keratin Hair Mask by Nanoil is just perfect, it smells wonderful and gives me the results I want to achieve: it regenerates the entire hair length, makes the tresses smooth and lustrous. I’m not even able to compare the effect of stunning and sleek hair to anything. Trust me, once you treat your hair with this mask, you won’t be able to stop yourself from touching the strands and running fingers through them. So pleasant to the touch they will become! And so healthy-looking!

4. Natura Siberica, Frozen Berries shampoo and conditioner

This is not just regular hair washing. This is a kind of a mysterious sensory experience because the sense of smell freaks out! Natura Siberica shampoos are out of this world. Both the frozen berries and blueberries are so awesome that every time I wash my hair I do it slowly, I keep massaging my scalp and inhale this divine smell. You must try this series out because, apart from smelling wonderful, it improves the hair measurably. The frozen berries serve my tresses really well. This is a multi-vitamin treatment for hair that is characterized by an impressive list of ingredients – rich and natural. After a couple of uses hair gets nourished, looks neat and is lustrous. Additionally, I don’t cause damage to my strands while brushing (the comb glides smoothly) and the hair seems to be easier to style. Soon, I’ll test another Natura Siberica shampoo with vitamins since it also looks promising. Have you used it?

I’m curious whether you know any of the hair care products I listed above. Leave a comment!


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