Revolutionary Minimalism. What Beauty Products I Take on Vacation?

Summer is a wonderful time when I turn into a globetrotter. I’m really big on moving from one place to another and I’ve never had enough. That is why a light and compact piece of luggage is the basis for my vacation trips. Obviously, nothing weighs as much as a pile of beauty products so I cut down on the number of cosmetics. You’ll be surprised how little you need to keep good-looking and not to lift weights like a strongman 🙂 What beauty products I take on vacation?

TOP 5 – Best summer vacation beauty products

1. Aloe Vera Gel

Holika Holika Aloe Gel is a brilliant, versatile product which replaces my body lotion (its gel formula is quickly absorbed and perfect for summer heat), face moisturiser, eye cream and a hair conditioner. I rub it into my feet, hands, elbows, lips.. apply it to damp hair and leave it in, and rub into dry hair ends to save them from the sun damage. It’s an excellent, multitasking cosmetic plus natural and ideal for the entire body care. Its scent is pleasant and fresh. An ideal! Three products in one.

2. Argan Oil

For me, argan oil beats coconut oil which is a bit unpractical: either too thick and inapplicable or too watery dripping off my skin, etc. Moreover, argan oil is a stronger antioxidant and is suitable for ageing mature skin, delays the occurrence of first facial creases and smoothes the existing ones. I use it both for face care (night serum) and make-up removal (oils effectively remove all cosmetics, including the greasy and heavy ones). On extremely hot days, I rub the oil into my body and hair ends. It conditions skin and hair, protects against toxins, prevents irritations and excellently regenerates fatigued, tired feet after a long stroll. I use the oil before sleep but people having dry skin and hair can freely apply it during the day – argan oil absorbs well, it neither weighs hair down nor has comedogenic action for skin.

3. Alum (mineral deodorant)

It is a natural deodorant which slightly resembles a crystal. Alum is a mineral which effectively replaces a roll-on deodorant. It is a key thing that it can be used for the entire body and feet (in this way you avoid the skin scrapes and your feet will be fresh and smooth all the time). Obviously, you must wash it after every use and before applying it to skin – damp it a bit before use as well. It lasts very long and is really effective plus natural – free of aluminum salts or other harmful chemicals.

4. Emerald Peruvian Soap

It is another versatile product that I love dearly and eternally. The Peruvian soap doesn’t just look lovely and smell beautifully but it also sensationally washes skin, doesn’t disturb the natural pH, nicely moisturizing and nourishing it at the same time. Apart from working for a body wash, it is a splendid shampoo. It is formulated without harmful, comedogenic, dehydrating substances. Another flawless 2in1 product which nourishes, revitalizes, ensures elasticity, softens skin and hair, prevents damage and soothes irritations.

5. Rose Water

Rose hydrosol is a must-have in my bag. Not only does it work as a toner and freshen up my skin but also soothes my body. All you need to do is spray it on skin on hot days for an instant feeling of relief and cooling – thanks to the rose water I managed to avoid the notorious sunburns on the skin of my neck and chest. Use the hydrosol for the face, skin, hair, feet. In the morning, I wipe my face with it to get rid of the argan oil and sebum excess. It is a side effect of the distillation of rose during the extraction of essential oil. The ‘side-effect’ hydrosol turns out to work much better than an array of drugstore face toners. If you’re interested in hydrosols or you’re looking for a different one – mattifying, sebum-reducing, alleviating broken blood vessels – I have good news: you’re spoilt for choice. Also, hydrosols can be mixed with natural oils – in this version they create a subtle beautifying and sun-protecting hair lotion.

Of course, my travel bag also houses the must-haves such as a toothpaste, toothbrush, a razor (btw – argan oil works for hair removal as well!)… but I guess I don’t have to mention the obvious, right? 😀 Enjoy your vacation!

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