[REVIEW] Aloe and white tea face serum by Nanoil. Is it really that great?

aloe vera face serum Nanoil

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I think, it’s time for a thorough and in-depth review of something pretty astonishing. For a month now I’ve been having the pleasure of testing Nanoil face serum formulated with aloe and white tea, which is one of a few remarkable Nanoil face serums that I came across during one of my online shopping sessions. Actually, I was so thrilled that I also bought Vitamin C face serum and amazing argan oil – both launched by Nanoil, of course. However, to make the test more reliable, I limited myself to using just one product – aloe and white tea face serum. So, let me encourage you to read Nanoil Aloe & White Tea Face Serum review. Is this face serum really that great? What can you expect from it?

Why did I buy this face serum in particular? When it comes to the┬ásubject of skin care, I find myself being really picky since I devote much time to find the right beauty products for myself. Actually, I was extremely surprised by the entire Nanoil offer but eventually I went only for this face serum in particular because I liked the components, natural active substances and in general I felt it in my guts that this would be it. I guess, my guts were right ­čÖé

Aloe and white tea as the sensible diet for your skin

We know it very well that both aloe juice and white tea extract are nutrient-rich food products highly appreciated by those who do their best to follow a healthy and sensible diet. Actually, it was scientifically proved that these two natural substances are also remarkably beneficial for our face skin as the dermis absorbs them easily and uses to its advantage. Do you know the benefits of aloe and white tea in skin care?

Aloe in skin care
INCI: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

I’m absolutely sure that most of you know this best-selling Holika Holika aloe gel. The aloe alone is able to produce stunning effects, but in Nanoil face serum it’s combined with equally remarkable white tea extract. We appreciate it for its strong moisturizing and nourishing powers. Also, aloe leaves skin pleasantly smooth. In Nanoil face serum, aloe serves the following purposes:

  • soothes irritations
  • balances skin’s pH
  • gets blood circulating faster and brings relief to dry and couperose skin
  • helps cure acne (is antibacterial)
  • improves moisture levels in skin and delivers water to the deepest skin layers

White tea in skin care
INCI: Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water

A long-known and mighty antioxidant. White tea extract used in Nanoil face serum is a quality concentrate extracted from a plant displaying strong skin reviving properties. Apart from fighting off free radicals, white tea:

  • reduces existing wrinkles and prevents new fine lines
  • smooths out and improves resilience
  • restores radiance to skin
  • leaves skin looking healthy and well-rested

Nanoil aloe and white tea face serum review

I’ve been treating my skin with Nanoil face serum for a month now. At the beginning, I couldn’t spot much difference apart from the fact that my complexion was no longer dehydrated; it felt better moisturized. I have to admit that – to my surprise – Nanoil Aloe & White Tea Face Serum appeared to be a perfect replacement for┬ámy makeup primer. The foundation stayed unchanged longer, it didn’t wear off. Also, I noticed that this serum combated the problem of shiny skin which used to haunt me. This time it was different because instead of getting shiny face, I spot only some small parts of the skin that required to be powdered.

After a few days my skin gained a healthy-looking tone, it looked fresh, youthful, supple and resilient. There was another thing that I couldn’t believe in. It appeared that Nanoil face serum is able to reduce fine lines too! Now I know that I owe this effect to white tea extract. Trust me, it’s worth being systematic in applying this face serum to see these stunning effects. In my case, the wrinkles aren’t that deep, which doesn’t mean that I couldn’t spot any. Still, Nanoil Aloe & White Tea Face Serum managed to reduce their size. I’m more than happy because all I expected was more of protection and skin texture refinement, but the effects achieved clearly went beyond my expectations. I wasn’t aware either of the fact that in social media this skin care product is described as a best-seller.

Final remarks on Nanoil Aloe & White Tea Face Serum

  • size – quite big, 50 ml
  • efficiency – the serum doesn’t vanish from the bottle after month use
  • price – affordable and competitive

Nanoil Aloe & White Tea Face Serum is perfect for “sensitive” people. I want to say that this face serum is safe for those with hyper-reactive skin as well as for those whose skin is: couperose, acne-prone, oily, combination, normal and mature. I’m 100% sure that each one of you can benefit from using Nanoil face serum with aloe and white tea. This beauty product is non-greasy and well-tolerated by all skin types, it penetrates skin quickly and satisfies – I guess – all skin needs. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts about Nanoil Aloe & White Tea Face Serum with me!

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