Color blocking – New manicure trend


Vivid colours, geometrical patterns and shades that at first my not seem as good fit. It is the very definition of color blocking, which is a new trend in manicure. In today’s post, I decided to tell more about how to do your nails using this trend. Enjoy!

Colourful madness

Can expressive yellow and candy pink go together? As it turns out, they can. If you do your nails accordingly to the latest color blocking trend, then every colour combination makes sense. It is a manicure that is the proposition for all girls who are bold, enjoy beauty trends and keep on experimenting with their image. Color blocking will draw the attention of many people.

Works or not?

Color blocking manicure is a combination of colours, which at first do not seem to go together. Would you use green and blue or pink and red together? If you want to be trendy, you should. Is your manicure too bright or too dark? You can lighten it up with some bright colour, toned it down with a pastel shade or just leave some nail plate intact. If you are not afraid of drawing attention manicure, choose two the most far colours. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little.


Color blocking is not only about vivid colours. It is also about geometrical and colourful patterns. If you want to play stylist or a mathematician, draw a square, a triangle, lines and other shapes that you remember from your geometry class. On each nail use different nail polish, do smaller and bigger shapes, use contrast colours. Using colourful nail polish on only one nail is pretty pointless.

Details and decorations

Manicure is all about small decorations. These can be a colour detail that highlights used nail polish. For color blocking, you can add a shiny strip in the middle of the nail plate or small gems. These decorations will attract the attention of all your friends.

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