Autumn make-up trends. What can we expect?

Hi, Girls!

Autumn is a season when colours dominate more than the world outside our window. The make-up department also foreshadows to be colourful and joyful. Bold colours are back, prepare yourself for an extravagant finish but also some toned down shades.

All shades of red

In the autumn, trendy are cosmetics in red. For make-up, you can choose whatever shade of red you want. Burgundy, dark orange, copper, brick and obviously vivid red. Switch eye shadows, nail polish and lipstick for those that are going to be trendy this fall. Once you do it, you have to learn how to use them. Those of you who aren’t afraid to go wild can cover the entire eyelid with red eye shadow, add some blusher on the cheeks and highlight lips. Another great idea is to draw a line with red eyeliner or to outline the water line. If you are not as fond of attracting the attention of people around you, just add some soft red colour to your everyday make-up.

Neon make-up

It is a look that goes by its own rules. The more neon and shimmering cosmetic the more of it should be on the eyelid. In the autumn, try bright yellow, vivid red, deep blue, celadon and violet. How to use cosmetics in these shades? Apply it on the upper and lower eyelid. If you want to scandalise, even more, use a different colour for the eyeliner. Neon colours will look great at the water line. Remember that it is not a make-up for the work or school environment. However, it will work great for the Friday night out or a carnival. Neons can be also implemented in the smoky eye make-up; combine orange and red or blue and green. Nonetheless, you must remember to blend it thoroughly; there needs to be a smooth transition from one into the another.

Unanimous make-up

It is a trend where you should use neutral shades. This autumn is all about girly and subtle make-up which will make you look fresh and young. However, in the fall season, this make-up gained some expressiveness. How to create such make-up? You will need one cosmetic only, the blusher. Apply it on the eyelids, face and lips. You can choose out of pressed, cream or ball blusher. The make-up can be performed with a brush or fingers.

How do you like the autumn make-up trends?

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