Makeup Removal and Skin Cleansing: Oil, Foam, Emulsion… Which One To Choose?


Do you know that more than half of the world’s population cleanses their skin in the wrong way? Why is that? In most cases they use the wrong products, the ones that either don’t match the skin type or are formulated with harsh cleansers. Sadly, such ingredients disturb the lipid coat of skin, which is pretty bad because skin cleansing and evening makeup removal are crucial for flawless and healthy complexion.

Have you ever wondered what cleansers are best for your skin? Is there a universal face cleanser? Don’t you know which product – micellar cleanser, cleansing foam or gel – to pick? Don’t worry because by the end of this post you will know the answers to all these questions. Let me explain everything.

Best Products To Cleanse Skin and Remove Makeup


Perhaps this is a well-known cosmetic that many people have in their bathrooms. Actually, there is just one thing I’d like to draw your attention to: try to find a cleansing gel formulated with naturally derived ingredients to prevent dryness. Recently I’ve discovered a cool lathering agent that doesn’t cause irritations – rapeseed bioferment.


Relatively new, or I should even say an innovative skincare product is an enzymatic powder face wash, which creates pleasant and smooth paste after being combined with water. The best four things about cleansing powders are that they

  • are good at removing all types of dirt and grime from face
  • are totally safe for all skin types
  • are incredibly easy to use
  • last really long

I can see my face turning velvety smooth and super fresh after being cleansed with this product. Please note that if you let some water get into the packaging, the powder may create hard lumps.


I have to admit that this is one of my top skin cleansers, no doubts. Cleansing foam is super gentle to the skin and leaves a pleasant feel on it. Even though this cleansing product is recommended for sensitive skin, it’s perfectly able to expose your face to a deep clean because it deals with oil – without irritating or dehydrating!


I know many ladies who reach for cleansing milk/emulsion to take off the makeup, and rightfully so because this product is amazing. High coverage foundations and other greasy color products are removed from the face in no time. It’s gentle even to hyper-reactive and dry skin, and has a pleasant creamy texture. As far as application goes, you should wipe your face with cleansing milk or emulsion twice, and later follow with a facial toner. I suggest pouring a portion of the product onto the palms of your hands and put it on the face, massaging gently.


Cleansing oil seems to be a kind of revelation for some people, perhaps because many people wrongly thought that vegetable oils shouldn’t be applied to skin unless it’s dry. It’s not true because nature has oils for every single skin type, with no exceptions. For example, if you find a cleansing oil formulated with jojoba oil or castor oil, you can apply it to the oily face safely. Not only will this product cleanse your skin but also replenish it with nutrients.


Well, this is an option of those who apply waterproof makeup products. Bi-phase cleansing lotions are good at removing and conditioning skin. They also provide protection from irritations. Quite a multipurpose skincare product, huh?


I guess micellar cleanser is a classic. The tiny micelles attract all types of dirt and grime, including makeup product residues, and leave the skin perfectly clean. I’d just like to remind you to choose micellar lotions free from harsh cleansers. Another issue is that you shouldn’t finish your skin routine with a micellar cleanser. I want to say that you should always remove the product with water. Why? Because the micelles that sit on your skin attract the dirt floating in the air.

What is your top skin cleanser? Do you follow some customized skin cleansing treatments?

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