Why does foundation oxidize? Chemical reactions that skin and foundation enter

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It’s pale and radiant in the morning, but dark and ugly in the evening. What’s that? Yep, it’s a foundation. Probably, the great majority of you have this impression that a foundation applied to your face is getting darker and darker with the passing hours. Why is that and does it have to be that way? Read my entry to find out.

Foundation oxidizes – What does it mean?

When we say that a foundation oxidizes, we have in mind the product getting darker and clearly standing out when it comes to face vs. foundation shades. In other words, the foundation enters into a chemical reaction with skin and other cosmetics. What’s more, external factors such as weather, skin ailments, medication can also contribute to changing the shade of the foundation you applied. Remember that a foundation which serves your friend well won’t necessarily work this way when applied to your complexion. Everyone’s skin reacts differently.

Foundation enters into chemical reaction with…

… a cream, a toner, your skin and even sebum. The truth is, the shade of a foundation can be changed by literally everything. Even your skin’s pH can change the foundation. If the microbiota on your face becomes disturbed, you can take it for granted that the colour of the foundation you wear is going to get darker. In order to avoid such make-up flaws, run a simple test. The next time you are in a drug store, apply a foundation to some invisible part of your face and continue the shopping. If you notice that the foundation hasn’t change its colour after an hour or two, get back to the drug store and buy the cosmetic. It’ll be perfect for you.

Sebum vs. foundation

Sebum has got impact on the colour of the foundation too. The more sebum you have and the more your skin is shiny, the faster it gets for the cosmetic to change the colour; also you won’t be rather satisfied with the lifespan of the foundation. What should you do in this situation? Apply mattifying make-up base which will extend the durability of the foundation. Also, you should visit a dermatologist or change the cosmetics into the ones designed for sensitive skin. Don’t use strongly dehydrating products because it’s highly possible that you will intensify the problem to even greater extent. And what should you do when there is no solution to help? It’s simple! Change the foundation.

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