Why has my hair been thinning so badly recently?

If you’ve noticed your hair falling out too excessively lately, this might – but not necessarily – mean that there’s something wrong happening with your stands. Firstly, it’s worth finding out the cause of hair thinning because sometimes its a symptom of a disease. On other occasion this hard-to-tackle hair loss problem is caused by spring solstice. Luckily, I’ve got for you effective treatments that will aid you in combating both the serious and little bit less serious ailments.

1. Cause of hair thinning: Androgen excess

It’s nothing more than just androgenetic alopecia which is caused by reduction of estrogen level and increase of androgen level – male hormone. Once the level of androgen exceeds female hormones, hair starts falling out uncontrollably, whereas the one which still grows becomes thinner and weaker.

Solution for you

Sadly, androgenetic alopecia can be neither reversed nor stopped. It can be slowed down though by applying special scalp conditioners containing minoxidil. There are various concentrations of minoxidil in cosmetics. Naturally, it’s better not to choose them on one’s on but to consult a specialist. The good news is that the level of hormones might be balanced by taking the right medications.

2. Cause of hair thinning: The lack of iron, zinc and vitamin D3

From our perspective that’s pretty unfair, but our organism doesn’t recognize hair as the most important part of our bodies. Therefore, if our organism lacks some nutrients (mainly vitamins), it turns off the ‘tap’ and cuts out the least important body parts from the limited supply of nutrients. Sadly, these are hair and nails that suffer most. The substances that ‘vanish’ from our bodies the fastest and which at the same time have influence on the state of our hair are iron, zinc and vitamin D3.

Solution for you

Supply your body with sufficient amounts of the above-mentioned substances. For example, you can find them in lean mean, fish, nuts, olive oils and colour vegetables. Naturally, you can also make use of dietary supplement and buy in a pharmacy vitamin preparations, including iron. However, before you reach for them, run tests to determine iron, zinc and vitamin D3 levels in your body. When it turns out that your organism lacks some of them, then you can reach for dietary supplements.

3. Cause of hair thinning: Thyroid gland disorders

This might sound weird but a physician starts suspecting a thyroid gland disorder by asking questions about the state of a patient’s hair. Sick thyroid gland and taking many medications (including over the counter drugs like painkillers) also influence the state of hair.

Solution for you

Naturally, once you discontinue taking the medication, your hair will grow out and stop falling out excessively. When thyroid gland hormones levels are balanced, hair returns to their natural form.

In the meantime, however, you can support your body by taking pills with horsetail, biotin and zinc, applying scalp conditioners, ampules and special shampoos displaying medicinal properties. However, if you look for an effective cosmetic that slows down hair loss and reinforces hair bulbs, seek for herbal products rich in horsetail, nettle, fenugreek and burdock extracts. Another amazing remedy to deal with uncontrolled hair thinning are natural oils. Hair oiling is one of the most effective beauty treatments which can be carried out at home. The first effects can be noticed within a few days. Basically, natural oils are multi-purpose by improving the state of hair shaft, scalp and hair bulbs.

4. Cause of hair thinning: Stress and fatigue

We keep ignoring the adverse influence of stress on our bodies. However, this unsettling feeling leads to development of many diseases, it causes oxidative stress and, of course, affects our appearance in a negative way. Wrinkles, fatigued and dull complexion, brittle nails and hair which condition is miserable and falls out in huge quantities – this is exactly how stress hormone works.

Solution for you

Of course, if only possible, try to avoid stressful situations. Perhaps you don’t know this yet but lack of sleep makes us feel anxious too. Therefore, do your best to get enough sleep, try to find an activity that helps you relax, drink herbal infusions which help you calm down, e.g. melissa.

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