What Are the Best Overnight Hairstyles for a Fabulous Look in the Morning?

Let me confess something… I’m not fond of an evening blow-dry routine. I’m simply tired and want to wrap myself up in a quint as soon as possible. However, my hair hasn’t been looking good recently. I wake up with hair creases, unruly flyaways, frizzy and extremely dry strands. Luckily, I’ve discovered a few brilliant ideas for sleeping with wet hair and having a fabulous hairdo early in the morning.

Silk bed linen without zips & buttons

In order to take best care of hair, get proper pillow cases. You will quickly spot changes if you replace cotton with sateen, silk or Egyptian cotton. The smooth structure saves you from hair knots, creases and physical damage. Using such pillow cases keeps facial lines away, too. You’ve turned 25? It’s high time you treated yourself to this type of material to enjoy flawless skin and gorgeous hair.

A velvet scrunchie

If you tie your hair with a velvet scrunchie, it won’t get damaged as much as it would if you were sleeping with your hair loose. Use a soft scrunchie to make a loose bun or braid to get amazing natural waves in the morning.

Wear loose hairdos

A bun is one of them. How to make it so that you can sleep comfy and avoid hair damage? Divide your hair into sections, wrap each section around and pin it in. Put all sections in a bun – your hair will dry off throughout the night and you’re gonna amaze with waves which need only a finishing touch. A surfer look guaranteed! Upgrade it using a sea salt spray.

Bobby pins & hair-straightening gel

These gadgets and products work when you want to sleep with wet hair and when you feel like flipping the part. Use a hair spray for setting and smoothing effect, comb strands out and pin them in. Take the pins off in the morning and brush your strands. Your hairstyle is finished!

Natural waves

If you want to wake up with a fab hairdo, try out this trick. Run your fingers through damp hair, bending your head down. Make a high ponytail using a velvet elastic and let it loose in the morning. Use a refreshing product or a hair oil for a hold.

What are your ways to sleep with wet hair & wake up looking gorgeous?

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