Ways for dealing with dark circles under eyes. I can fight them successfully!

Ice cubes

Lately, UNFORTUNATELY, I’ve been battling the problem of sagging and dark circles that appeared under my eyes. My irregular work mode, overload with tasks and problems with sleep translate into bringing out the shades. I think I look as if I ran a marathon and it’s difficult to camouflage the fatigue with the regular make-up.

Fatigue and not enough sleep, both easy to see in my face, can be minimised. I learnt a few effective methods which reduce swelling and gift skin with the delicate lightening up effect. Just these methods made it possible for me to stop playing with concealers to camouflage the dark circles under eyes or wear sunglasses all day.


Ice cubes

The best way to combat swelling is cold. I guess most of us have ice cubes in their fridge just in case we would feel like having a cool drink. Therefore, the best way to reduce the visibility of under eye sagging is giving this area massage using the very ice cubes. Take two ice cubes, one for each side, put on your skin, and make circular motions with them. Cool massage helped me many times with getting rid of this fatigue from my face.

Alternative: cool spoons

If you don’t have ice cubes at your disposal, put inside your freezer two teaspoons. When applied to skin, cooled down metal will provide relaxation as a perfect cold pack after waking up.

Apple slices

This fruit contains moisturising, softening and highlighting malic acid. A fast compress from apple slices (you can also use a grater) will successfully help reduce this unsightly dark circles under eyes. It’s worth keeping apple on eyes for 20 minutes to enjoy highlighted and fresh look afterwards.

Fresh cucumber

I bet you know this method thanks to movies and commercials. I have in my mind this image of a women wearing a face mask and lying with the slices of cucumber on her eyes. What for? Fresh cucumber is mainly made of water that it given away to skin to moisturise it. Additionally, it contains anti-oxidants which reduce swellings, ease irritations and regenerate delicate skin under eyes.

Alternative: slices of raw potatoes


Don’t throw away bags after brewing either black or green tea. They can be used as a compress to combat fatigued and dull skin under eyes. Just put a teabag on your eyes and let it sit 15-30 minutes. It’s worth realising that tea contains two very important for skin substances: caffeine and tannin. These two ingredients are responsible for firmness and evening skin colour.

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