TOP 5 the best natural cosmetics I’ve ever used

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It’s clear to see that recently this growing trend for natural cosmetic has emerged. I’m glad that we are gradually becoming more aware consumers and we don’t only try to stop eating unhealthy food but also we keep putting the ‘hair and body care’ bar higher and higher (we don’t only set the bar higher for ourselves but also for the cosmetic producers). Thanks to this awareness and knowledge of the product’s composition we can notice the disappearance of harmful heavy silicones, aluminium salts from most cosmetics, nail polishes are being freed from formaldehyde, dehydrating alcohols are going out of the window and substances such as SLS and SLES are vanishing from shampoos and hair conditioners.

Luckily, there are plenty of natural cosmetics on the market. But, how to track down the right products in this maze of ‘super cosmetics?’ Which one of them do I consider as perfect and worth recommending to you? I hope I’ll help you do the next shopping if I describe here 5 incredible and natural cosmetics that are constantly present on my bathroom shelf. Enjoy!

TOP 5 the best natural cosmetics

1. Nanoil Hair Oil

It’s not just another hair oil. It’s a really well-composed product that is available in 3 versions. Obviously, owning to this, you can match one version to your hair type precisely. In short, there is a version for super damaged hair, a version targeting hair that requires nourishment and a version for heavy and thick hair and/or greasy hair. Nanoil hair oil is a multi-dimensional treatment that fixes and nourishes hair. It doesn’t only make the hair more beautiful but also encourages its faster growth and prevents its uncontrolled thinning. Nanoil can be applied to hair and scalp – I love this solution!

2. Emerald Soap

Ne plus ultra! It neither dehydrates skin nor disturbs the natural hydro-lipid barrier of skin. It maintains skin pH, washes perfectly, takes care and smooths skin. It can be used to clean body, face and hands, but also you can apply it to the hair. I packed emerald soap to my baggage while going on holiday – it replaced 3 other cosmetics. It smells wonderful, is dense and effective, it cleanses hair perfectly. While talking about hair, emerald soap significantly facilitates oil removal after hair oil treatment. Of course, this soap is completely natural so it’s well-tolerated by sensitive skin. Oh, and its truly azure colour is marvellous!

3. Face, Body and Hair Gel by Holika Holika (Aloe Smoothing Gel)

This is another marvellous cosmetic that I fell in love with šŸ™‚ Holika Holika Gel is a hit originating from clean, unspoilt Korean regions of green Jeju island, also called the Island of Love. This product features pure aloe extract that moisturises, nourishes and revitalizes. Also, it soothes skin, replenishes hair with water (which is a desirable effect especially during summer when the sun burns skin and hair mercilessly). The gel’s formula is light, it’s absorbed really fast and leaves skin more taut. Of course, it smells wonderful. It doesn’t leave my skin oily, it doesn’t create ‘rolls’ on my face as most gel creams do. It’s just perfect. I use it also to take care of my delicate under eye skin area.

4. White Mineral Clay

White clay is a product that I always have in my cosmetic stock. It’s amazing! It nourishes, mattifies gently and cleanses. At the same time, it doesn’t make skin as tight as green clay is able to. In short, white clay is really delicate in its action and at the same time itā€™s really effective. All of you whose skin is sensitive and delicate can use white clay freely. I love mixing it with rose water or some other herbal water to apply it to my face in the form of a mask. Basically, I apply white clay mixed with herbal water to my face once a week. Also, I tend to combine white clay with a natural oil and apply it to my hair and scalp once a month. Thanks to this I cleanse my scalp from toxins and all types of cosmetics which might build-in at the roots. Furthermore, you can use white clay instead of a transparent face powder. It won’t only mattify the skin perfectly without leaving any smudges nor marks, but also it will supply skin with precious minerals.

5. Rose Water for Face

Well… this is just the best face toner I’ve ever had. It doesn’t only leaves face skin nicely refreshed but also it doesn’t contribute to its dehydration. Basically, it gifts skin with nice natural tone, soothes, rejuvenates and makes skin more taut. As far as I’m concerned, rose water is what Bulgaria is proud of. In Kazanlak there is one of the most famous ‘rose corner of the word’ – Rose Valley, where the excellent and rose-fragranced cosmetics come from. Just imagine the beautiful view there is: a vast, filled with roses valley and this beautiful rose aroma in the air! If you would like to buy this flowery remedy for all skin problems, try to find a genuine Bulgarian rose water.

What would you add to the list of the best natural cosmetics? Have you got any favourite product that outclasses the other cosmetics you have? Give me the name of the product and I’ll eagerly give it a try šŸ™‚

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