That’s important! How to choose the finest algae. Recipe for home facial algae mask

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Today, I’m offering you one, yet ultimate D.I.Y. combined with a few caution words and pieces of valuable advice concerning¬†algae. Do you know that such incredibly-working natural substance such as algae can be also hazardous to your health? The secret of their action lies in the origins and region which algae is obtained from. Sadly, it was us who doomed ourselves – and algae too – with such fate. Let’s start from the beginning.

Algae in beauty industry: Why are they so impeccable?

Describing algae as impeccable doesn’t fully cover it. Algae are found irreplaceable as both a cosmetic and dietary supplement. They belong to the so-called group of superfoods owing to being a rich source of minerals, vitamins and compounds recognized as vital for proper body functioning. Algae are polyphenols, carbohydrates and lipids. They supply body with oxygen, regenerate and nourish organism in a really outstanding way. Also, they fight back bacteria and fungi.

How to find fine algae and why is it so important?

Algae are demanding primary product. The most important criterion proving their effectiveness and positive action is determined by achieving the quality standards, which are the origins, sanitation of production, obtaining and drying technique (including pulverization). Only the high quality product deriving from a trusted source delivers the looked-for effects, especially when it comes to supplying body with minerals, purifying it and detoxifying.

Collected algae are sun-dried, although the producers of the finest algae apply a patented method that enables to preserve definitely bigger amount of nutrients. It depends on drying algae out right after collecting them, in a low temperature, with 1% oxygen. Thanks to this, algae isn’t deprived of biologically active substances.

Not only the extraction and drying out process are what matters. When you want to buy algae, pay attention to the region they come from. For body care (and supplementation) you should go for the purest algae that come from a trusted source. To clarify, look for algae originated from Hawaii, but stay away from Asian algae. Why is that? After the nuclear power plant failure in Fukushima, water in the ocean is still contaminated as are all the plants and marine life growing and existing there. The same applies to nuclear explosion in Hiroshima and Nagasaki which aftermath is still visible in this region of world. In short, this means that algae originated from Japanese regions contain huge amounts of toxins that might have a disastrous impact on your organism.

Which spirulina to choose?

Best if certified for being organic and deriving from non-Asian parts of the world (e.g. Hawaii).

It’s worth mentioning that pure, unprocessed algae have characteristic aroma, which is far from being pleasant (let’s be straight about it, algae smells like fish). Moreover, despite being powdery, their texture isn’t even. Also the colour of algae is very unique: intensive and colourific (leaves yellow, green and brown marks).

Beauty benefits of algae

Pure algae are incredibly good at mineralizing and cleansing skin. What is the most appreciated though is the ability of algae to boost cell metabolic rate, which makes them so eagerly used in treating skin with excessive deposits of fat, oily skin and acne-prone skin types. Also, algae serve mature skin really well because it helps to eliminate wrinkles. Moreover, algae is a valuable source of highly absorbable protein, folic acid, beta-carotene, iron and a set of antioxidants that work for our beauty and body shape’s benefit.

Furthermore, algae facial mask replenishes dehydrated and fatigued skin with water and soothes it. They are recommended for allergy sufferers since algae are gentle and non-irritating. The best effects are obtained thanks to applying the mask 1-2 times a week. This treatment should begin with exfoliating skin with a scrub. Last but not least, it’s a good idea to add algae to bath to relax body and expose the skin to fungicidal action that algae offer.

D.I.Y. Homemade Algae Mask. Recipe

  • 2 tbsp. spirulina,
  • mineral water.

Combine spiruline with a dash of water to create a thick pulp that is easy to apply to face. You can add a strongly cleansing green clay to intensify the effect and purify oily, acne skin. Let the facial mask dry on your face – in most cases, it takes approximately 20 minutes. Rinse afterwards.

Do you use algae in your body care? Have you got any trusted source of natural algae? Do you even pay attention to the regions algae come from? Don’t hesitate to leave comments below!

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