Should You Use Herbs for Growth? See Benefits of Herbs for Hair!


Most of you probably dream of healthy, long tresses, don’t you? We use scalp treatments, arsenal of products or even go for extensions… There is a thing that we tend to forget, though. I mean herbs. These all-natural substances have been known forever and turn out to be the best remedy. In today’s post I share the best herbs to use for hair growth and healthier tresses.

Why do herbs make a good choice?

Contrary to most haircare products, herbs do reinforce the innermost layers of hair and are able to rebuild them. Plus, they are very budget-friendly and last you long because a very small amount is enough for one use.

Benefits of Herbs for Hair

  • herbs stimulate hair growth
  • they inhibit hair loss
  • they make hair thicker
  • they nourish hair from the roots to the ends
  • they restore healthy shine
  • they are free from overburdening silicones
  • they soothe dandruff
  • they make hair less oily

Which herbs to choose?

We are spoilt for choice as far as herbs go. I’m big on well-known herbs with confirmed performance. All of the herbs below bring the above benefits when used regularly for a long time. I suggest trying:

  • nettle
  • horsetail
  • flaxseeds
  • fenugreek
  • common soapwort
  • burdock root
  • oak bark

How long does it take herbs to bring benefits for hair?

You should spot the first effects after around three weeks. I had newly grown baby hairs after three weeks of regular use of nettle and fenugreek by turns, making the hair thicker in the long run. The scalp was less oily and it stopped getting dry. After a few weeks of regular use it’s good to use the herbs less often but I definitely think we should never give them up. They work wonders on hair!

I guess that is all you should know about the benefits of herbs for hair. Hopefully, you will incorporate them into daily routine and a favorite will emerge one day! The miraculous effect on hair really shows you should give them a try!

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