Party girl’s must-have set: Lipstick Survival Kit from Smashbox


Do you know how to survive a crazy fun party and look stunning throughout the entire night? That’s easy! Just go for the Smashbox, Lipstick Survival Kit. Your lip makeup will surely delight everyone and will last until dawn.

Smashbox lip makeup set 

In the Lipstick Survival Kit there are seven full-sized cosmetics. They all give a matte finish and one of them will help you get this look on even very shimmery lip products. The Smashbox lip kit includes:

  • Three lipsticks in: Cognac, Witchy and Stylist Matte.
  • Three lip liners in: Figgy, Nude Medium and Clear (they match the lipsticks).
  • Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer, a product that changes shimmery finish into the matte.

What effect will you get by using the Lipstick Survival Kit?

Lipstick Survival Kit by Smashbox is not only nice colours and matte finish. It’s also protection and lip care. Cosmetics from the party girl’s set moisturize, smooth and protect against irritation. The lipsticks contain nourishing Shea butter and vitamins C and E. They give good coverage even with only one layer. If you care about a more permanent and distinctive effect, you can apply a second layer. Lipsticks do not emphasize dry skin and do not gather in the hollows of the skin. Also, they do not wear out during the day and are waterproof.

How to use the Smashbox Lipstick Survival Kit?

You can easily match the lip liners to lipsticks from the set. Thanks to these cosmetics you can contour your lips, optically enlarge them and give them the right shape. In general, lipsticks are a complement to any make-up. The ones from Smashbox will match all looks and are suitable for every occasion. What’s more, Lipstick Survival Kit has not been animal tested and does not contain harmful substances. Thus, it can be used by vegans and people with sensitive skin.

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