Oriental fragrance notes by Guerlain. Samsara eau de toilette and eau de parfum

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Certainly, my list of evening fragrances has just been updated with a new item, Samsara by Guerlain. I can imagine how marvellous it will be during the autumn evenings. How does it smell and what do I like most about the product? Feel invited to read my entry.

Fragrance by Guerlain

Guerlain prepared for us eau de toilette and eau de parfum called Samsara. Both perfumes were closed in red phials with golden decorations. Each of the phials can be bought in three capacity versions: 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. I would describe the products as having strong, oriental aroma, they stay on skin long and are just perfect to wear them while talking a stroll with your better half. Which aromas can be sensed in Samsara by Guerlain? The main fragrance notes are bergamot, peach, green notes, lemon and ylang-ylang. The middle notes include flower-de-luce, rose and jasmine. The base notes of Samsara by Guerlain is vanilla, amber and sandal wood.

How to apply fragrances so as to make them remain on the skin longer?

There are several body parts where fragrances stay longer, and these very places are distinguished by the palpable pulse. In other words, where blood flows fast, there is a place where warmth is produced, and this higher temperature features spreading of the aroma. Therefore, apply perfumes behind your ears, to your neck, between shoulder blades and breasts, to wrists and the inner elbows and knees.

Will Samsara by Guerlain stay with us for long?

Certainly, it will. I’m sure that I’ll buy the smallest version of eau de parfum again. Why? Because of the price and stronger aroma. Unfortunately, Guerlain fragrances don’t belong to the cheapest cosmetics. In general, it’s wiser to spend money on eau de parfum rather than on eau de toilette. The concentration of essential oils in eau de parfum varies from 10% to 20%, and in eau de toilette it’s just around 5% – 10%. In the light of this, aroma notes hold longer in eau de parfum, so the fragrance is more intensive when you apply it to the body parts I enumerated above.

Girls, what are your favourite fragrances? Do you also like oriental aroma notes?

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