My 5 Evergreen Ways to Get the Glow in the Fall!

This is the end of the lazy season. The summer is gone. Some people hate the fall. I accept it. My skin does not unless I treat it with suitable products delivering radiance and perfect health. The fall is a great time to treat yourself to superb intensive sheet masks, deep repair foot treatments and lovely scented candles. Repair your sun-damaged face. How to take care of the skin using the best possible ways? The answer is coming right out!

1) The power of peptides.

Peptides are built of amino acids that are transferred into proteins while proteins build the cells. So, peptides ensure skin’s plumpness and youthful look, help keep it healthy through stimulating cells to repair. They send impulses that force our cells to bounce back.

It’s no wonder peptides are labeled a non-invasive botox. A good peptide night cream surely pays off. I’m testing one now and will share the review as soon as I see the results.

2) Anti-pollution products.

We know that cities in the past were filthy. Now the dirt takes the form of microscopic particles so it easily penetrates the skin and also stays on its surface. This makes the skin much worse so a good “city” product is a must. The one that creates a microscopic anti-pollution shield on the skin and secures it against the oxidative stress.

There are plenty of different products to protect the skin against the pollution. Crème Fraîche De Beauté Nuxe is my favorite because it contains High-Tech Algae Extract, deeply hydrating and protecting skin against pollution.

3) In the AM: hyaluronic acid face serum.

Hyaluronic acid is a powerful remedy for better skin. It’s been common in skin-care products and in-salon procedures for years. Now, it’s also easily available in day creams. If you’re looking for the best hyaluronic acid, choose low molecular weight acid because it ensures deeper absorption and better hydration.

HA is so powerful that you will feel the difference in your skin after the first use. 100% hydration. I love to use it all year round. Currently, I’m using hyaluronic face serum from Nanoil and I love it (formula holds low molecular weight acid).

4) In the PM: vitamin C face serum.

Vitamin C is the best to better the skin and delay aging. Even though retinol is great too and I also use it, it’s good to take a break every six months and give the skin something else. I’ve got an impression that vitamin C has a much better effect on the skin and so you should definitely try it when fighting first lines and sallow, tired-looking skin. Vitamin C is like a boost of radiance. It quickly enhances any skin type.

Have you got 60 seconds left?

5) 60-sec eye skin lift.

Do you also spend long hours in front of computer screen? If so, you must be familiar with dark circles, puffy eyes and wrecked look. I suggest a thing that always works wonders on my skin and puffiness. This is a jade roller. It must be combined with massage and good eye serum (The Ordinary is my pick).

Put the jade roller into the refrigerator for 20 seconds and apply your eye serum, gently patting it on. Before it’s absorbed take the roller out and gently massage the skin with the smaller tip. The effect is just breathatking, you’re going to love both the serum and the roller. Obviously you can use other massaging tools made from quartz, onyx or well-known metal massagers. 30 seconds every day are all it takes to enhance the eye skin.

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