Matte rules! A new lipstick by Laura Mercier, Velvet Extreme Matte


Makeup with a matte finish reigns in the world of makeup and beauty. It can be found literally everywhere: on the eyelids, on the lips, it has even outrun strobing! Laura Mercier has decided to follow the trends and has created a new line of matte lipsticks, Velvet Extreme Matte. Will you become a fan of the ‘zero shine’ effect?

A wide range of colours and one matte effect

Laura Mercier offers a diversity of 24 shades of red, rose, nude, coral and violets. They will definitely match every skin type and will be suitable for every occasion. As you already aware, all of them give your lips in a matte finish. However, if you like some of the shades but you are not fully enthusiastic about the outcome, you can go ahead and apply a layer of a shimmery lip gloss.

What effects will you get when using Velvet Extreme Matte?

The lipsticks produced by Laura Mercier and highly-pigmented and ensure an intense effect. They have a creamy formula which makes the application easier. They cover the lips with one stroke of the applicator and last throughout the day. Well, maybe after a few meals you will have to do a small touch-up. What’s more, you can forget about a lipliner because the applicator is very accurate so you won’t be needing to outline the shape of your lips beforehand.

How to apply the Laury Mercier lipstick?

Velvet Extreme Matte comes in the form of a stick thanks to which the application is a piece of cake. Before doing the make-up, it is good to moisten the lips with a light cream or a balsam. Then, paint your lips with lipstick in the shade you have chosen. If you want to get an even better matte effect and a more intense colour, you can add another (thin) layer of the cosmetic from Laura Mercier. At the end of the make-up, set the edges of the lips with a fixing powder.

Your matte lip makeup with Velvet Extreme Matte by Laura Mercier is ready.

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