L’Oreal Paris Elseve The Magical Power of Essential Oil Hair Cream – Review

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I know that many of you are interested in oil hair treatment (hair oiling as some of you call the procedure) and you would like to know which oils to buy. Are the oils available in a drug store worthwhile to use? What’s the effect when we finally apply them to hair?

Many of you are afraid of the greasy formula of oils which makes you approaching this technique very carefully. Indeed, adding an oil either to a mask or a balm is convenient and it truly provides delicate care and gives protection to hair. Unfortunately, it will never replace the full oil hair treatment, the one which also includes the scalp.

In the light of this, when it comes to every day hair care, it’s suggested adding a few drops of an oil to a conditioner. However, at least once a week you should perform the complete oil hair treatment so, in other words, you have to apply a natural oil to your hair and the scalp. Such an ‘oil mask’ has to be removed after an hour or left overnight to wash the head in the morning.

Also, I’m aware of the fact that you like mixing oils with balms, therefore I’ve prepare for you a review of fairly unusual product which is L’Oreal Paris Elseve The Magical Power of Essential Oil Hair Cream. This product belongs to one of many L’Oreal hair care series. Well, if we have to apply an oil right after hair washing, maybe it’s better to do it by using a product of special, care cream form? How did it serve my strands? Will oil hair cream win with a regular conditioner mixed with a natural oil?

According to the producer’s claims, The Magical Power of Essential Oil Hair Cream is supposed to nourish hair, make it lightweight, gift the strands with shine and smooth the it. As a consequence, hair is expected to become soft, nourished and protected against further damages.

L’Oreal Paris Elseve The Magical Power of Essential Oil Hair Cream smells beautiful and contains six natural oils: chamomile, sunflower, linseed, lotus flower, rose and Tahitian Gardenia.

All of the above-mentioned oils pose a perfect treatment for hair that improves its looks and regenerate if damaged. Sunflower oil nourishes hair, chamomile oil and lotus flower soften hair and reinforce it by relieving irritations, linseed and rose oils moisturise and condition strands, and Tahitian Gardenia close hair cuticles, smooth hair and deliver a wide range of minerals. All the oils provide strands with essential fatty acids and protect hair against the sun, frost, toxins and high temperatures.

How did L’Oreal Paris Elseve The Magical Power of Essential Oil Hair Cream served my hair?

I have to admit that my approach towards this product was rather sceptical because I’m a fan of traditional oil hair treatment and I think that there’s nothing what might replace the power of natural oils applied directly to scalp and the entire hair. However, Essential Oil Hair Cream by L’Oreal Paris surprised me positively. Of course, I will never stop using such a professional product like my beloved Nanoil, but as a conditioner to be applied right after washing – I’m sure this L’Oreal product outruns many hair balms. Another plus of Essential Oil Hair Cream is the fact that its formula isn’t greasy and truly doesn’t overburden hair. I was afraid that after rinsing the cosmetic, my hair would become heavy and flat but it was full of shine, soft and smooth. I’m not sure whether this product will work for heavy, low porosity hair but L’Oreal assures that this Essential Oil Hair Cream is recommended for all hair types.

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