Is This Ingredient Harmful? If Your Skin Is Sensitive, You Know the Answer

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It effectively removes sebum and make-up. It is the ingredient of lots of body wash products and lathers quite well. You probably thought I mean some amazingly effective natural product. Sorry… It’s the notorious SLS. Is it really so harmful? Girls with sensitive skin have experienced the poor effects many times.

What is SLS?

The abbreviation is known to all girls. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a detergent that removes grease from every surface. It frees scalp from the sebum excess and removes oil spots on the cooker. Yes, it’s true. SLS does away with all types of grease and is included in many washing products. Apart from cosmetics, it is found in kitchen and bathroom cleaning products. If you use SLS every day and in large quantities, you may get yourself the skin irritations or hair thinning. SLS can affect your heart, liver and kidneys.

Is there a safe concentration of SLS?

Is SLS always harmful to our skin? It turns out – it isn’t. The toxicity depends on the concentration of Sodium Laureth Sulfate. It cannot go over 1% to keep safe. Too bad it reaches 30% in some beauty products. It’s a killing dose for our bacterial flora. Interestingly, the temperature of water also matters when we use SLS products. The higher the temp, the higher the risk of irritation. That is why so many bloggers advise on washing body and hair with tepid water.

Who can and who shouldn’t use SLS?

People who have sensitive skin and allergy sufferers cannot use SLS cosmetics. Reason? Irritations will instantly appear on their skin; the lipid barrier will be damaged. However, not everyone is allergic to SLS. The substance won’t harm normal skin. Unfortunately, it may intensify acne breakouts in oily and combination skin.

Get lost, SLS!

If SLS doesn’t stay on the skin long, feel free to use it. Remember one thing. Every SLS cosmetic must be thoroughly rinsed out from the skin surface. Don’t use warm water! The faster you wash it away, the better. Take a long shower. Your skin will surely benefit a lot.

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