Is ApiRefine Lip Enhancer by Doctor Manuka the best lip conditioner?

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Winter is just around the corner, which is why, we have little time to choose an appropriate cosmetic aiming lip conditioning. Luckily, I’ve already decided which lip product I’m using this winter. In short, I made up my mind and bought ApiRefine Lip Enhancer by Doctor Manuka.

ApiRefine Lip Enhancer by Doctor Manuka – My first impression

The cosmetic is closed in a small 15 ml bottle featuring an applicator that is cut at angle. Thanks to this, application of the product is way easier, which works to our advantage, of course. I don’t want to fool you, I bought this product because I liked the brand’s name. As it is known to everyone, honey and Manuka leaves feature extraordinary nourishing and cleansing features. And I wasn’t disappointed. The lip conditioner features a lot of natural substances which worked marvellous, at least for me. In general, I find the action delivered by this cosmetic as highly satisfying. But I’ll tell you more on this later.

How to apply the lip conditioner by Doctor Manuka?

Surprise, surprise… all you have to do is delicately press the tube to get a small amount of the product and smear it across your lips. When it gets absorbed, you can follow with an extra layer. ApiRefine Lip Enhancer should be applied before leaving home (especially during the winter) or treated as a night lip treatment. To obtain even better results, you can use your fingertips to pat the cosmetic, at the same time, giving your lips a kind of massage. I don’t use this conditioner together with other lip colour cosmetics, but if you would like to combine these products, I’m sure you can do this.

What does ApiRefine Lip Enhancer contain?

This conditioner features plenty of natural ingredients. Among others, these are: lip firming collagen, deeply nourishing Manuka honey, hyaluronic acid and pepper mint. Thanks to these substances your lips will become smoother, freed from wrinkles and deeply hydrated. As a consequence, doing your lips will become easier and the final effect truly impressive.

How does ApiRefine Lip Enhancer work?

Doctor Manuka’s conditioner makes lips bigger within 5 minutes since being applied. Owning to this cosmetic, skin gets smoother, supple and nourished. Furthermore, natural substances protect lips from damaging external factors and supply them with the substances the lips need. Moreover, the same substances take care of proper blood circulation in lip skin, which is why, they win prettier colour and shape.

Do you already know how you’re going to take care of your lips in the forthcoming winter?

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