How to Style Hair? Cosmetics for Strong Hold & Long-Lasting Effects

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At first we cut, then we color, finally we style… How to do it properly and which products to use for the stunning looks? You will find a few useful tips in the post. Read on!

Wax, paste, gel

The products are used by both men and women. Non-transparent pastes help create updos and fancy styles, delivering strong hold. Gels are great if you like the 30s look. Hair wax ensures amazing shine. Waxes, pastes and gels, that you get at drugstores, don’t leave white flakes or stick hair together. Feel free to use them at home for styling a hairdo you dream of.

Balms & creams

At first glance, the products make us think of hair care rather than hairstyling. They provide softness, shine, elasticity and most of all – a long-lasting effect. Thanks to balms and creams, you will create a mind-blowing hairdo.

Dry shampoos

As it turns out, they also enhance styling. Dry shampoos absorb the excess of sebum, do away with dirt and dust, and make hairdos longer-lasting. They are savers when you travel, have an important meeting or run out of time to wash your hair yet must look amazing. Some dry shampoos include deodorant substances, sunscreen and fragrances. Moreover, they boost hair volume and lift the roots.

Foams & mousses

They give an extreme hold, even in most complicated hairdos. They are highly popular among women due to the easy application and excellent effects. Foams and mousses deliver radiance, leave no residue and let you style any hairdo. They are very cost-effective because you need a small portion for one application.

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