How-To: My home methods for cleansing face

Home methods for cleansing face can successfully replace all the beauty treatments that require the use of products bought at a drugstore’s or chemist’s. Homemade preparations are created with natural ingredients, therefore their action is gentle and better tolerated by skin, especially when compared to ready-made products which frequently feature chemical additives. Obviously, each type of complexion has to be treated with cosmetics that answer its needs. Feel free to learn my home methods for skin cleansing. I hope you’ll find them useful!

Home ways for making face clean: normal skin type

Normal face skin is characterized by almost invisible skin pores, smooth surface and healthy-looking shine, therefore it doesn’t require any special attention. Start cleansing your face from removing make-up using a homemade product, and then you can proceed with applying a toner your face.

Recipe for honey toner for normal skin

Warm up 100 ml of distilled water that you can buy either in a drugstore or hypermarket. Then, add a tablespoon of honey and 15 ml of lemon juice – mix. When cooled down, pour you homemade cosmetic to an airtight bottle and shake well. If your skin is really fatigued, add 25 ml of aloe gel which delivers moisturising, soothing and relieving action.

Home methods for face cleansing: dry, sensitive and couperose skin

Those of you whose face skin is dry know that your sebaceous glands work slower. As a consequence, skin loses moisture and becomes dry. For that reason cleansing dry, sensitive and couperose skin should begin with using a hydrating cleaning milk featuring for example avocado or milk that is rich in lecithin. After all, lecithin displays highly moisturising features which is why the active substances that the cosmetics feature are absorbed better.

Recipe for cleaning milk with avocado for dry skin

Melt 20 g of powdered skim milk and 1 tablespoon of honey in 100 ml delicately warmed up rose water. After that add 20 ml avocado oil, 20 ml almond oil, and combine thoroughly. Pour the homemade cleaning milk into a clean airtight bottle (you can get one at a drugstore’s) and shake vigorously. Finally, you can put it somewhere in a cool place.

Naturally, you shouldn’t forget about peeling. In the case of dry and couperose skin, you can go for cream enzymatic peeling which formula is based on the active exfoliating action of fruit acids. It can be bought at any drugstore’s, yet remember not to use it more frequently than once a week. When you manage to make your dry skin clean, apply a moisturising face mask.

Recipe for grape mask for dry skin & recipe for sensitive/couperose skin mask

Firstly, squash a few grapes. Apply the mash to your face and neck, and let it sit for 15 minutes. After that, wipe the mash using either a tissue or a cotton pad and apply a toner. When it comes to sensitive/couperose skin care, a soothing linseed mask serves really well. In order to prepare it, put a tablespoon of linseed into a small quantity of water. Keep boiling for a few minutes until you get a really thick mass. When it cools down, apply the mask to your face and let it sit for 20 minutes. After that, rinse the mask off using a lukewarm mineral water.

Home methods for face cleansing: combination skin

Combination skin is a real blessing: oily face parts create T letter (forehead, nose, chin), whereas the other areas remain dry – goody! This type of complexion is the most complicated in terms of taking care of it. If you want to clean your face, start with wiping the skin with homemade cleaning milk that will lubricate the dry face parts and after that follow with a toner destined for combination skin.

Recipe for cucumber toner for combination skin

Cucumber toner for combination skin reduces visibility of enlarged skin pores and balances the skin’s pH. In order to prepare it, dice a cucumber up and put it into a blender bowl. Mix it thoroughly until you obtain even mass. Squeeze the juice to a bottle, add 1 tablespoon of aloe juice and mix it with mineral water applying 1:1 proportions. Shake vigorously. You can store this homemade cucumber toner in a fridge for 4 days.

Home methods for face cleansing: oily and acne-prone skin

Oily and acne-prone skin is characterized by enlarged skin pores which encourage blackheads and pimples. Moreover, it secretes sebum in galore which contributes to face shine. For that reason, cleaning milk shouldn’t be used because it contains many moisturising and lubricating features. Instead, go for a homemade oat flake cleansing gel. This type of gel will leave skin clean but it won’t create any oily layer. In order to prepare it, just cover oat flakes with hot water and wait until it absorbs the water and transforms into gruel-like mass. Then, put it to your face and rinse using mineral water.

Once the gel is rinsed, you should wipe your face with a toner that will make skin delicately dry and accelerate healing of the tiny wounds left by acne. When it comes to oily and acne-prone skin, you should go for a bay leaf toner. How to prepare it? Put 3 dried bay leaves in a glass and pour boiling water (250 ml). When the infusion cools down, pour it to an airtight bottle. Store in a fridge for 3 days max since the toner loses its properties after more or less 72 hours.

Have you ever tried my methods of cleansing face at home? Perhaps you have got your own home methods? Share your ideas below! Don’t forget to mention your skin type!

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