Homemade coffee-based cosmetics step by step


Not only it smells great and is delicious, but it also takes good care of the skin and hair. More importantly, it is almost certain you have it in your home. I am talking about coffee which will allow you to prepare quite a few body products. If you aim at natural skincare, head on to learn easy recipes that are coffee-based and homemade.

How can you make some coffee-based cosmetics?

We usually associate coffee with its aromatic smell and stimulating properties. However, those small brown grains or dregs can be also a great source of numerous beneficial components. After all, coffee contains large amounts of antioxidants which are known to prevent premature aging of the skin and hair. Coffee grains may be re-purposed in various different ways and will certainly be an amazing alternative for commercial cosmetics. All in all, those are more affordable and natural so no irritations for sensitive skin and no allergic reaction.

Coffee scrub step by step

You have drunk your coffee and want to throw those dregs out? Don’t! You will need it for the body and scalp scrub. It is perfect for the sensitive skin due to lack of irritations as the procedure is not aggressive. Dregs do not dissolve in the water so the scrub will be effective and provide results in the form of smooth and supple skin. This type of exfoliator prevents premature aging of the skin and boosts collagen production.

How to prepare coffee-based scrub? Brew some ground coffee then strain out the dregs and leave to cool down. Next add lemon juice, essential oils, olive oil or other vegetable oils. Ingredients should be chosen accordingly to your skin needs.

Under-eye compress

It is cosmetic recommended for people who struggle from puffiness and dark circles. Caffeine stimulates blood circulation and widens blood vessels which translates to toned and smooth skin. The result? The eye area and eyelids no longer suffer from the puffiness and regain the natural color.

How to prepare coffee-based compress for the eye area? Brew grained ground coffee, strain out and leave to cool. There are two ways to apply it: directly onto the skin and with a cotton pad soaked in the coffee.

Coffee-based face mask

A face mask made with coffee boosts blood circulation, makes skin smooth and supple. The coffee components hold also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, flatten wrinkles and even out skin complexion as well as take care of imperfections.

In order to prepare the face mask, you will need coffee dregs. Wait for those to cool down then add a spoon of honey and cream or natural yogurt. Mix all ingredients and apply to the cleansed skin.

Coffee-based hair rinse

The hair rinse with coffee not only takes care of the scalp but also adds definition to the hair. To prepare it you will need a few glasses of coffee (exact amount match with your hair length and density). The coffee should be strong and has a really dark brown color.

How to use coffee-based hair rinse? Pour the cooled coffee over the hair then gently drain excess water, tie up and put on a plastic cap. You should leave it on for about half an hour then just rinse hair with warm water.

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