Glasses vs contact lenses. What do I choose and why

Hello girls!

Today’s entry might seem to be a little bit offbeat but it’s still connected with beauty.

Many of you hesitate between buying glasses and contact lenses. Of course, both items have their pluses and minuses. For example, regular glasses can be very stylish. They can entirely change face and the outfit. Many people wear glasses to work – always when in contact with a client. Students put them on for oral exams to look wiser. Pretty frames are also an important element in business negotiations – they create the impression of trustworthiness and a person wearing glasses looks righteous and professional. When it comes to contact lenses, these are exceptionally convenient and insensible. Unfortunately, not everyone can wear them. If you have to decide, either contact lenses or glasses, I can tell you that I’m more for contact lenses. Let me tell you why.

  • Contact lenses are super convenient and perfect for those who practice sport. They neither fall down nor glide on the nose.
  • Contact lenses don’t cover with steam during the winter (while entering warm rooms), which is unfortunately typical for glasses.
  • My niece used to grab my glasses which made them be exposed to constant breaking… without mentioning these little fingerprints on the lenses.
  • Unfortunately, during the summer my nose severely suffered under the weight of the glasses. Because of the heat, it felt like the glasses had weighted a tonne.
  • I feel more comfortable wearing contact lenses because my sight isn’t limited by the frames.
  • Glasses require special care, you have to be careful where to put them, constantly cleanse them. Also, what I find troublesome is the fact that I have to pay attention not to stain the lenses with black smudges after coating my eyelashes with a mascara.

– on the other hand, contact lenses are a way expensive solution than glasses. You have to remember to take them off, wash and invest in lotion preserving the durability of the lenses. Frequently, it’s necessary to buy eardrops since wearing contact lenses might make your eyes dry. Still, contact lenses are worth the money since this translates into massive convenience. I don’t need to wear anything on my face, there is nothing to limit me and I can practise sport without bothering about the glasses. Taking off and inserting contact lenses is far from being difficult for me and it takes me just a second. I wouldn’t replace my contact lenses into regular glasses. I put on the frames only when I feel like doing this.

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