Get a Hairstyle for the Fall! What Hairdos Are Going to Be In this Year & How Can You Use your Creativity?

Every season of the year surprises us with new trends when it comes to hairstyling, the use of hair accessories and new hair care and styling products. What it’s like this time? What can we expect from hairdressers and fashion show hairstyles? I’ve already checked it and know it. Also you can learn it now!

Bobby pins? Not just for practical purposes

Bobby pins usually make us think of keeping unruly flyaways in control, making a perfect hairdo or making sure it’s going to last as long as we wish. On the other hand, bobby pins play a completely different role on fashion shows. They complement jewelry or work as classic accessories for a fancy outfit. You can make use of such a look as well. Simply put a few pins on hair and make a sophisticated pattern. You don’t need to use the same bobby pins as designers do. Regular black pins will do, without any extra bling blings.

Vintage headbands

Headbands that were in many years ago make a comeback, too. Silky smooth high ponytails sprayed with a shine-boosting oil or lotion. It’s cut out for a day look, going along with natural and almost invisible make-up, and minimalist outfits.

Old-time hairstyles

From time to time, fashion likes to find inspiration in the past. This time, high and perfectly-done hairstyles are back in style, sprinkled with an impressive dose of a hair spray. If you go for this solution, remember about the right hair and scalp care. Wash hair with a clarifying shampoo and apply a regenerating mask. Feel free to combine the hairdo with a modern outfit and subtle make-up.

Punk hairstyles

Your head won’t suffer from a bit of madness. You’re into heavy sounds, black color, studs and combat boots? If so, you’re gonna like this hairdo as well. No matter the length or shape of your hair, you can complement the hairdo with punk and rock accessories. Leather headbands look great, letting just seemingly unruly strands stick out. Such a hairstyle makes best match with dark and slightly wild make-up.

A subtle bang

You’ve been thinking of a bang for a long time but you’re afraid it’s going to cover the half of your face or get into your eyes? Fashion designers and hairdressers have an ideal solution for you. Go for a subtle bang that looks incredibly light. It’s been presented on fashion shows in the shoulder-length hair version. The entire image looks girly and charming.

Timeless braids

I guess braids are never going out of style. On fashion shows, they appeared in a classic version, silky smooth side braids. Of course feel free to braid your hair the way you like. There are many braid variations and this hairstyle isn’t going to get outdated ever. A braid is a beautiful hairstyle that needs no extra accessories such as pins or headbands.

A high bun

Another timeless, universal hairdo. It works both for a fancy or house party. You can enhance a high bun using luxury accessories, colorful pins. It makes a good choice when you have a bad hair day. It goes along with everyone, no matter the age or silhouette.

Centrally-parted hair

Contrary to appearances, this hairstyle is not so easy to do. Hair must look natural yet ideally styled. It is also important that your strands are moisturised and nourished. If you have luminous and straight-cut hair, you don’t need to worry about a demanding hair styling routine. Just part your hair in the middle and that’s it! A new style is complete.

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